YOUARENOWHERE | Theater for Transhumans

As an amalgamation of loosely connected artists experimenting with forms of performance, the downtown NYC theater scene continues to blossom through shows that are increasingly rooted in technological ingenuity. Andrew Schneider’s latest piece, YOUARENOWHERE, reflects this cultural atmosphere by using theater as a technological means to explore quantum physics, or perhaps the other way around. The following text is a conversation with Alessandra Calabi, the stage manager and a core constituent in the creation of YOUARENOWHERE. What stood… [read more »]

Premiere | “Pump Fake” by vyle

A reference to Michael Jordan’s famous technique and also a synonym for indecision, this collaboration with producers Shy Guy and Thomas Welch, entitled “Pump Fake”, is vyle’s take on “what a rapper is” vs. “what a rapper is expected to be”, enveloped in postmodern slang and rap-centric jewels. “Pump Fake” is the first single from vyle’s upcoming experiential album, “A Ü T O/M Ö T O R”. Both words from the title refer to a car.… [read more »]

Meditating at the Piteous Gate

 Alexander Iadarola & Nora N. Khan review M.E.S.H.’s Piteous Gate LP, released on PAN Records   The M.E.S.H. aesthetic might be described as an effort to reconcile competing modes of thought and activity.  James Whipple tries to find focus and meaning in an intentionally created constellation of inimical processes, divergent histories and seemingly irreconcilable imagery. “I wanted to create a sense of focus that can come from following two divergent lines of thought that eventually converge… [read more »]

(IM)MATERIAL: Industrial and Post-Industrial Fabrication

Last Friday, the Judd Foundation hosted a panel on the relations of production underpinning fabrication in contemporary art, featuring artists Josh Kline, Dora Budor, and Keith Tilford. Organized by CCS Bard students Adriana Blidaru, Tim Gentles, Jody Graf, Rosario Guiraldes, and Dana Kopel, the event’s presentation proceeded from the premise that a paradigm shift in the economy — from industrial, manual production on the one hand, to post-industrial, digitized outsourcing on the other — deeply… [read more »]

Dorothy Howard | Labor and the New Encyclopedia

It appears you don’t have a PDF plugin for this browser. No biggie… you can click here to download the PDF file.    Dorothy Howard (User : OR drohowa) is a Wikipedian-in-Residence at the Metropolitan New York Library Council and archivist at the Jean-Noël Herlin Archive Project. She is an organizer of the Art+Feminism Wikipedia campaign, the Wikimedia LGBT group, and a Program Officer responsible for session curation at WikiConference USA 2014.

Fabian Bechtle | secret.service

secret.service Video by Fabian Bechtle In conversation with Marvin Jordan Artist’s introductory statement: I like to emphasize that I recorded the main parts of the video at one of the leading European companies for data and document destruction — Reisswolf. The destruction itself is just one part of their service. In order to deal in a trustworthy way with clients’ data, the company created a high-security environment around the circle of collecting, transmitting and destroying… [read more »]

Francesco Spampinato | Data Relief

Data Relief: Design for Overactive Minds Francesco Spampinato on the lysergic counter-history of wearable tech  Accelerating Brainwaves Devices promising to manage stress, sleep disorders and give relief from “exhausting” daily life are nothing new. Pinhole glasses with black perforated lenses, also known as stenopeic glasses, have been sold since the 1950s with claims to improve eyesight and “relax tired eyes.” More advanced devices entered the market following the growing amount of data and digitalization. Gadgets… [read more »]

Ian Bogost | Funemployed Playborers

Dr. Ian Bogost is an award-winning author and game designer whose work focuses on videogames and computational media. His games about social and political issues cover topics as varied as airport security, consumer debt, disaffected workers, the petroleum industry, suburban errands, pandemic flu, and tort reform. His games have been exhibited internationally at venues including the Telfair Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, and the… [read more »]

All That is Solid Melts into Airbnb

Last Tuesday, feelings of curiosity, enthusiasm, and skepticism surrounding Airbnb filled the Swiss Institute for a night of discussion on the app’s relationship to architecture. Consisting of Alessandro Bava (Airbnb Pavilion), legendary designer and architect Andrea Branzi (via video projection), Airbnb representatives Rachael Yu and Aaron Taylor Harvey (who tried to avoid being perceived as representatives), and moderated by Sean Monahan (K-HOLE) — the event was almost predestined to provoke spontaneous architectural theories. If one… [read more »]

Fixed Agency | Private(i)

Fixed Agency is a multidisciplinary art collective working at the intersection of participatory performance and interactive technologies. Consisting of Isaac Eddy, Peter Musante, Rachael Richman, Eva von Schweinitz & Alessandra Calabi, FA is a Visiting Artist at BLDG 92 / The Brooklyn Navy Yard, where they developed Private(i) — a site-specific experience set in the year 2020, where privacy has ceased to exist. Marvin Jordan: I had the chance to attend your first production of… [read more »]

R. B. Schlather | Alcina

In the wake of the historic closing of New York City Opera last year and the intense labor disputes at the Metropolitan Opera in August — which threatened to shut down their entire season — what does the future hold for opera? This weekend at the Whitebox Art Center, opera director R. B. Schlather will be presenting a theatric installation of Handel’s Alcina that formally poses an alternative to opera’s predominant yet struggling economic conditions.… [read more »]

Fine Felons of Former Times

Now that enough time has passed since #FineFelon Jeremy Meeks went viral, reality has (hopefully) settled in and you can calmly admit to yourself that you don’t have a chance with him. Don’t worry though, this isn’t the first instance where being ‘out of one’s league’ coincides with being locked up. We present to you a fine list of criminal poets that will serve as both consolation and cultural enrichment in one fell swoop.  … [read more »]

Crazy Skewers

Just a few days ago, I came across an article published in a science magazine reporting a recent discovery. It seems that all the images our brain elaborates are subjected to distortions if a specific, visual context undergoes immediate changes. Since these alterations correspond to a delay in recording certain data, although they are included in our field of vision, however, present time coincides with an ‘immediate past’, namely everything that we have seen in… [read more »]

You’ll Never Believe How We Reacted to Facebook’s Game-Changing New Policy

Social media tycoons HATE us! To celebrate Facebook’s recent dictatorial move to control what we can and can not share (again), we are publishing a finely curated selection of irresistible screenshots of clickbait links. Because culture must be defended. At the end of the day, the real thing is always better than headline generators for amateurs. via venirhere

The Ranked Artists of ArtRank

  The apparently disruptive art valuation site devoted to the “emerging art market,” ArtRank, has received a good amount of attention for its short yet promising lifespan. Established on February 8th as Sell You Later (their corporate sponsors since demanded a name change), it set itself on an ambitious mission, toward a goal at once idealistic and ruthlessly pragmatic, straddling the social and cybernetic extremities of commerce and art in today’s art=brand landscape. We reached… [read more »]

Common Spaces at The Kitchen

Whose space is it anyway? Is there a difference between a public space and a common space? Ongoing at The Kitchen until June 14, Common Spaces seeks to address questions surrounding space and commonality through diverse artistic practices, multimedia projects and workshops. From Occupy’s relationship with Zucotti Park to the privatization of public spaces across the globe, the necessity to reclaim a notion of the commons over that of the public has become increasingly pressing… [read more »]

Steciw and de Joode | Open for Business

Can you tell us about the history of your collaborative relationship? Do you approach your exhibitions as part of a cohesive or cumulative body of work? Kate Steciw We’d both admired each other’s work online for some time so when Rachel approached me about participating in an auction she was organizing I was excited to be in touch. Emails and chats ensued. I remember exchanging a lot of images (we still do) just for fun… [read more »]

Hito Steyerl | Politics of Post-Representation

From the militarization of social media to the corporatization of the art world, Hito Steyerl’s writings represent some of the most influential bodies of work in contemporary cultural criticism today. As a documentary filmmaker, she has created multiple works addressing the widespread proliferation of images in contemporary media, deepening her engagement with the technological conditions of globalization. Steyerl’s work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions including documenta 12, Taipei Biennial 2010, and… [read more »]

World Premiere | Salbahe

To celebrate the debut release of Salbahe, two Filipina Princessas come together to discuss the life and times of K Rizz. As she rises to stardom, De Se conducts an exclusive interview… Your new single, Salbahe, has reggaeton instrumentals but is sung entirely in Tagalog. What were your goals for the song — did you find the contrast between the recognizable reggaeton and the Tagalog lyrics more of a strength or a challenge for you?… [read more »]

Artist Profile | ironb667

Likes heavy metal, William Blake, Highlander, Evil Dead II, and Iron Maiden. But more importantly, ironb667 (IRL name: Connor Cassidy) makes stunning 3D-modeled, creatine-supplemented, breast-augmented, combat-trained female bodybuilders that eagerly wrestle their husbands. While grinning. In this series, titled Domestic Wrestling, Mr. Cassidy gives us exactly what the title conveys. Only with the aforementioned bodybuilder included… remarkably reminiscent of our very own lethal lady, Michelle Falsetta! No further information is known about ironb667 at this… [read more »]