New Style Options

DIS Magazine: Personality Order

Personality Order

Need a new Myers-Briggs type? Emily Spivack offers four aspirational personality style options.

DIS Magazine: Get DIS T-Shirt

Get DIS T-Shirt

Introducing open sourced t-shirts by DIS. is a week-long collaboration between DIS Magazine,, and you.

DIS Magazine: Madison Beer #NoFilter

Madison Beer #NoFilter

Teen star Madison Beer and her totally reblog-able life.

DIS Magazine: TELFAR Style: FW13

TELFAR Style: FW13

Style and share your own looks from TELFAR's Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

DIS Magazine: The Air I Wear

The Air I Wear

The eco-safe solution to global warming, surprisingly, is personal cooling, and on that front Kuchofuku (literally "air condition clothing") is sure to make fans of us all.

DIS Magazine: Diamonds in the Buff

in the Buff

At the end of a blazing summer, a group of of men are refusing to let their holiday die, bravely keeping the flame alive with a little ice.



Detach. Convert. And get #basic with TELFAR's latest ready-to-wear collection.

DIS Magazine: When a Bag Needs a Bag

When a Bag Needs a Bag

Not enough Bag for you? Helpful tips on maximizing your bag-width.

DIS Magazine: .jpeggings


What to Wear for the content-aware

DIS Magazine: Motherhood Incorporated

Motherhood Incorporated

This season Maison Martin Margiela is keeping the world abreast of the latest trends in multitasking maternitywear.

DIS Magazine: Full Speed Reverse

Full Speed Reverse

Visual AIDS and Australian styling team Pageant go into flip mode by hitting ⌘-i on some style standards

DIS Magazine: Performance Art

Performance Art

High performance compression gear and body shapers protect and sculpt the figure to maximum perfection.

DIS Magazine: Shoes in Shoes

Shoes in Shoes

Shoe layering for cross-seasonal style hybrids

DIS Magazine: The “Bra” in “Bravery”

The “Bra” in “Bravery”

Brace yourself for our support group of bra-baiting new layer comps.

DIS Magazine: Wear 2 Bed

Wear 2 Bed

With this integrated sleepwear, you can finally rest easy.

DIS Magazine: FootUndeez


Orthopedic intimates are this season's unseen imperative.

DIS Magazine: In a Pinch

In a Pinch

Explore casual sensations with functional nipple clamp necessities by FAUX/real

DIS Magazine: MANicures


Nail them to the wall in the boardroom, the bedroom, and the locker room with MANicures by DIS Magazine.

DIS Magazine: Socks with Sandals

Socks with Sandals

This spring, socks with sandals are the sweetest taboo.

DIS Magazine: Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams

Upgrade your status with a boost of XX-L HOOPS!