TELFAR Style: FW13


How to play

  1. Move items from floor to rack to mannequin by dragging clothing items
  2. When a clothing item is on the mannequin, click to change its color. Keep clicking for more colors.
  3. Once your look is complete, click the Save my look button to add to our TELFAR Style Archive.

Telfar Style: FW13

Style TELFAR's upcoming Quilted/Comfort FW13 runway presentation! Organize the pieces by hanging them on racks,and style them on the mannequin created by Lizzie Fitch with Nick Rodrigues. Save your look and share it with friends! The winning looks will be styled on the models at the TELFAR F/W13 show during New York Fashion Week in February. Remember to use all items and don't forget to click for COLORS!

Winners will be announced on January 31st.

Right click to save me!