The Stock Issue

The Stock Issue

The Stock Issue

DIS Magazine: From “Beauty” to Bland… and Back Again

From “Beauty” to Bland… and Back Again

A personal history of stock photography

DIS Magazine: » Frank Benson » Frank Benson

iChiaroscuro, Petrified Wood, Night at the Bodega

DIS Magazine: » Shawn Maximo » Shawn Maximo

Neighboring Interests

DIS Magazine: » Gallerinas » Gallerinas

DIS Magazine: » Ian Cheng » Ian Cheng

3D Models

DIS Magazine: » Harry Griffin » Harry Griffin

Durability, Protection, Comfort

DIS Magazine: » Max Farago » Max Farago

Untitled: Stock Portraits

DIS Magazine: The Redundancy of Appropriation

The Redundancy of Appropriation

Stock Photography and Its Conceptual Limit

DIS Magazine: » Katja Novitskova » Katja Novitskova

Future Growth Approximations

DIS Magazine: » Bea Fremderman » Bea Fremderman

Frustrated Painters

DIS Magazine: » The New Wholesome » The New Wholesome

Coming Soon

DIS Magazine: » Andrew Norman Wilson » Andrew Norman Wilson

Stock Fantasy Ventures

DIS Magazine: » Anne de Vries » Anne de Vries

Exchange Material


JOGGING x Gallery Girls

DIS Magazine: » Bryan Dooley » Bryan Dooley

Hi / Low

DIS Magazine: » Timur Si-Qin » Timur Si-Qin

Coming Soon

DIS Magazine: » Smiling at Art » Smiling at Art

DIS Magazine: Perfect Anything: Reusable Tracks

Perfect Anything: Reusable Tracks

A compilation of massive stock music for missing genres

DIS Magazine: » Anicka Yi & Jordan Lord » Anicka Yi & Jordan Lord

Keep It Cute

DIS Magazine: » Full-Bodied and Well-Balanced » Full-Bodied and Well-Balanced

DIS Magazine: Flow States » Boru O’Brien O’Connell » DISimages

Flow States » Boru O’Brien O’Connell » DISimages

Flow States

DIS Magazine: » Alistair Matthews » Alistair Matthews

Alterna Stock

DIS Magazine: » Hee Jin Kang & Francis Carlow » Hee Jin Kang & Francis Carlow

Gaffer Baby

DIS Magazine: » Dora Budor » Dora Budor

Coming Soon

DIS Magazine: » Xavier Cha » Xavier Cha

Coming Soon

DIS Magazine: » Josh Kline » Josh Kline

Coming Soon

DIS Magazine: » Maja Cule » Maja Cule

Coming Soon