Evolved Lifestyles

DIS Magazine: What is Seasteading?

What is Seasteading?

A discussion on the neoliberal fantasy of homesteading on the sea.

DIS Magazine: Fitness Povero: A Lifestyle Guide

Fitness Povero: A Lifestyle Guide

Nina Cristante and Amalia Ulman write to each other about motivation and self recovery.

DIS Magazine: Modest by the Sea

Modest by the Sea

When it comes to swimwear, more is more.

DIS Magazine: SensaTips™ by MPnails

SensaTips™ by MPnails

MPnails is bringing the latest in nail technology to you!

DIS Magazine: Emerging Artist

Emerging Artist

A global anthem for young artists everywhere

DIS Magazine: Upright Sleeping

Upright Sleeping

Mobile lifestyles call for mobile sleep solutions.

DIS Magazine: An Evolving Turn

An Evolving Turn

A conversation with Timur Si-Qin, Michael Jones McKean, and Pablo Larios.

DIS Magazine: Mer-Life


Mermaids go mainstream.

DIS Magazine: New Fragrance Options

New Fragrance Options

Perfumista bloggers' corporate-sponsored poetry with updates on language of Scents.

DIS Magazine: Flow States » Boru O’Brien O’Connell » DISimages

Flow States » Boru O’Brien O’Connell » DISimages

Flow States

DIS Magazine: Real Housewives of Art Basel Miami

Real Housewives of Art Basel Miami

Housewives of Miami to share their local perspectives on Art Basel Miami Beach‽ ?

DIS Magazine: DISability: Foot Work

DISability: Foot Work

The latest in a new breed of non-discriminating multimedia artists. She paints, draws, sculpts, makes videos, conceptual art, and net art all with her feet. She's not disabled; she's DISabled.

DIS Magazine: Fit for Society

Fit for Society

These ladies who crunch are poised at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and East Sporty-Ninth Street.

DIS Magazine: Global Denim Community II:Cult from the Same Cloth

Global Denim Community II:
Cult from the Same Cloth

Fabric fundamentalism with a fanatical following

DIS Magazine: Contemporary Eco Styles

Contemporary Eco Styles

Sustainable Living Improvement Ideas and Ecoware for Summer 2012

DIS Magazine: What Does Nike Want?

What Does Nike Want?

Getting on brand and staying on top. What technology and corporate identity can teach art students.

DIS Magazine: Puppies—They’re Just Like DIS

Puppies—They’re Just Like DIS

A girl's best friend: her accessories, her attitude, or her pup? A real bestie wouldn't make her choose, so thank dog she doesn't have to.

DIS Magazine: Meet Me at Bebe, BB

Meet Me at Bebe, BB

Every mall has them; meet the celebrity mallrats of LA's famous gallerias.

DIS Magazine: Cruelty-Free Crush

Cruelty-Free Crush

Three ladies are putting their stomp of approval on a fantasia of food, flora, fau(x)na, and footwear.

DIS Magazine: Spam-erican Apparel

Spam-erican Apparel

Do androids dream of ironic tees?