Cruelty-Free Crush

In 2010 Obama signed into effect a law banning "crush videos," which often depict acts of animal cruelty committed underfoot. Rightly so.

In 2012, anyone with a computer and Costco card can crush without so much as hurting a fly. Enter our virtual stimulacrum—a private, playful peep show where three ladies are putting their stomp of approval on a fantasia of food, flora, fauxna, and footwear.

Glenn crushes eggs in Pleaser stripper heels, and Alexis Bittar's lucite necklace and bracelet.

Jamie crushes flowers with Kobi Levi wooden platforms.

Diandra crushes cupcakes in high-heeled Timberlands and Colab glasses.

Diandra crushes her ice cream cone in Marques Almeida shoes, Sockman socks, House of Etiquette latex bodysuit, Von Dutch hat, and a stuffed Tweety Bird.

Marques Almeida's chunky sandals are great for grinding.

Kobi Levi's 'Blonde Ambition' shoes are the crush worthy.

Diandra crushes ciggarettes in Kobi Levi shoes, and House of Etiquette bra and bottoms.

Jamie crushes 'mice' in Lady Studio crushed velvet thigh-highs, Norma Kamali skirt, and a Playboy jacket.

Jamie crushes gummy worms in YingYang platforms, Norma Kamali leggings, No Boundaries top and a J. Valentine hood.

Glenn crushes gummy bears in hologram platforms, and Norma Kamali bra-top and skort.

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