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DIS Magazine: TCTV: For the Extremely Normal™

TCTV: For the Extremely Normal™

Watch TELFAR's shiny new A/W 2014 lookbook video—reserved for the normal and available in 3D!

DIS Magazine: Madison Beer #NoFilter

Madison Beer #NoFilter

Teen star Madison Beer and her totally reblog-able life.

DIS Magazine: Emerging Artist

Emerging Artist

A global anthem for young artists everywhere

DIS Magazine: Mer-Life


Mermaids go mainstream.

DIS Magazine: The Air I Wear

The Air I Wear

The eco-safe solution to global warming, surprisingly, is personal cooling, and on that front Kuchofuku (literally "air condition clothing") is sure to make fans of us all.

DIS Magazine: Fair Trade

Fair Trade

DIS x Frieze Projects 2012

DIS Magazine: Watermarked


A Kenzo Men’s F/W 2012 Collection Video by DIS

DIS Magazine: DIScredit


Giving credit where credit is don't.

DIS Magazine: Fit for Society

Fit for Society

These ladies who crunch are poised at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and East Sporty-Ninth Street.

DIS Magazine: Global Denim Community II:Cult from the Same Cloth

Global Denim Community II:
Cult from the Same Cloth

Fabric fundamentalism with a fanatical following

DIS Magazine: The Art School Issue

The Art School Issue

Featuring DIS's art school trend report and contributions from LuckyPDF, Brad Troemel, Martha Rosler, Sarah Lookofsky, Chris Kasper, Timur Si-Qin, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, W.A.G.E., and more!

DIS Magazine: Art School Trends

Art School Trends

DIS traveled to the campuses of Pratt, Parsons, and Cooper Union to bring you the latest curriculum—and lifestyle—update.

DIS Magazine: Cruelty-Free Crush

Cruelty-Free Crush

Three ladies are putting their stomp of approval on a fantasia of food, flora, fau(x)na, and footwear.

DIS Magazine: Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition

Face and hair clashing with your outfit? Just parse spring's printed matter and you'll get the message: cover, girl.

DIS Magazine: Celebrity Status

Celebrity Status

Money: mutilated. Luxury logos: defaced. Red carpet: aflame. These status symbol hairstyles prove that celebrity has really gone to our head.

DIS Magazine: Scambaiting


I am contacting you due to the present situation, which is a total drag.

DIS Magazine: .jpeggings


What to Wear for the content-aware

DIS Magazine: New York Comic-Con 2011

New York Comic-Con 2011

DIS Magazine: Kinæsthetic Companions

Kinæsthetic Companions

Two Buddies Get Bodied in Their Most Private Place—Their Home

DIS Magazine: DIS_RT in REAL 3D/4D