Kinæsthetic Companions

Fashion magazines, runways, and stylists love fetishwear to a fault. You've been gagging on their bondage-inspired looks for years now—and not in a good way. Meanwhile, to fit into these looks, you've been compelled to forgo meals to afford a gym membership, where the senses are assaulted by hotter and tighter bodies, rancid lockerroom mystery smells, out-of-commission machines, and the cacaphony of jerk jams and juicehead jargon. When will these humiliations end?

With the help of Technogym™, fetish and fitness have finally become domestic partners. What could be more luxurious? Beautifully crafted machines in a beautifully crafted interiors. Low-impact workouts in high-impact looks. Spotting and being spotted by your closest friend. A Mozart concerto on the hi-fi. There's no shame in being (and having) a home body; cross training is a private proclivity.

It looks like working in is really working out.

Janos wears Capezio shrug with Nike Pro-Combat shorts. Cesar wears Capezio shrug with Under Armour shorts.

Cesar wears We Love Colors sports bra, Nike skapris and 2XU compression sleeves.

Janos wears Capezio halter top and Nike skapris.

Cesar wears capris, tank top and t-shirt by Dirk Bikkembergs and Nike sneakers. Janos wears UnderGear onesie and Reebok sneakers.

Janos wears UnderGear thong onsie.

Cesar wears Capezio pants and Nike sneakers. Janos wears Adidas sports bra, Under Armour shorts and Nike sneakers.

Cesar wears gloves by We Love Color.

Janos wears Stella McCartney for Adidas tennis dress.

Cesar wears Stella McCartney for Adidas tennis skirt.

Janos wears Dirk Bikkembergs blanket and Capezio underwear.

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