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DIS Magazine: Plank Girl

Plank Girl

The body meme of planking is moving into unexpected places for Fall 2011, helping high fashion finally level out.

DIS Magazine: Khakiism


A khagalogue of meta-khromal blending

DIS Magazine: DISh Presents: Extreme Casting for TELFAR

DISh Presents: Extreme Casting for TELFAR

DIS Magazine: Herbalife™


A re-contextualization of the official Herbalife dance performed by tweens and choreographed by Richard Kennedy

DIS Magazine: Broken Doll

Broken Doll

A Memo on America's Next Top Mannerism

DIS Magazine: Best Trends Forever

Best Trends Forever

It's a Summer Trend "4 cast"! The cast of Ryan Trecartin's The Re'Search wears this summer's most memorable maybes.

DIS Magazine: Spa Spell

Spa Spell

Wellness and Beauty, We Invoke Thee.®

DIS Magazine: Contemporary Internet Lifestyles

Contemporary Internet Lifestyles

DIS teamed up with Parker Ito to explore Contemporary Internet Lifestyles.

DIS Magazine: Shanzhai Anxiety

Shanzhai Anxiety

An item idem + DIS collaboration, with essay by Victoria Camblin

DIS Magazine: Shoes in Shoes

Shoes in Shoes

Shoe layering for cross-seasonal style hybrids

DIS Magazine: Soft Negotiations

Soft Negotiations

A de-stressed desk will give your business peace of mind (and body).


Room B6: refresh_forum

DIS Magazine: Wear 2 Bed

Wear 2 Bed

With this integrated sleepwear, you can finally rest easy.


A DISfunction Takes Miami

DIS Magazine: Global Depot

Global Depot

Big-box solutions for dynamic lifescaping

DIS Magazine: Currently Bending

Currently Bending

Casually contorted cargo is the latest twist in men's activewear.

DIS Magazine: How to Hide from Machines

How to Hide from Machines

The perilous glamour of life under surveillance.

DIS Magazine: E-Bola


Whether globally pandemic or just plain viral, follow this guide to survival in style.

DIS Magazine: DIS Summer Trends

DIS Summer Trends

DIS Magazine: Hooper Place

Hooper Place

Sex, Blackmail, and Murder: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at DIS Magazine's Brutal and Erotic Office Politics