Contemporary Internet Lifestyles

DIS teamed up with Parker Ito to explore Contemporary Internet Lifestyles. Parker knows that when you spend all day and night surfing the internet, your body needs a special kind of care. He recommends stretching, personal massage tools, lots of pillows, and a comfy wardrobe. Diversifying your surfing accessories is just as important. Mix it up. Desktop, laptop, iPad, flat screen. The lovely Paris Gotti demonstrates how to stay sexy, healthy, and comfortable while being addicted to the internet.

n•a•p® Massaging Bed Rest and n•a•p® Luxe Foot Comforters available at Brookstone. Capezio shrug, shorts and bra.

BodyForm Total Fitness Platform available at Brookstone. Workout look by Fit Couture. Sneakers by Skechers.

Workout look by Fit Couture, sneakers by Skechers

Wedge by Athena’s Home Novelties. Swimsuit by Eres.

Wedge by Athena’s Home Novelties. Swimsuit by Eres.

Quad Action Percussion Massager available at Sharper Image. Swimsuit and visor by Eres.

Swimsuit by Eres, sneakers by Skechers.

Fog Free Shower Mirror with Radio and Reader from Sharper Image. Swimsuit by Eres.

Shorts by Capezio, tube top by KD Dance.

Sari Meditation Cushions by ABC Home. Top and shorts by Capezio.

Green jumbo cord cushions by The Conran Shop. Contour® Memory Foam Leg Pillow. KD Dance tube top and shorts.

OSIM uCrown, top by KD Dance and Stool by ABC Home and Carpet.

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