Dan weighs his options in multi-level denim shorts (model's own).

Let's get soaking wet! Ali upgrades a wifebeater to a wet 'n' wild white one-piece.

Hello! Shirtless suntanning doesn't come with pockets. Drew employs a new storage tactic that shows off his swag.

Stars are blind, and so are Abdi and Amber in rayless summer goth blindfolds.

Everybody's body-conscious at the boardwalk, so Aaron adjusts according to acquired attention. By the look of things, he's hitting all the right regions.

Blade softly and carry a bold bag. Amanda embraces the shore with her trash bin shoulder storage.

A new activity is trending for the bleakest of beach goths. Abdi shows off the vampire bat, hanging upside-down to survey the sun-bleached scene.

Aaron likes his L.A. lifestyle at high velocity. The verdict? Velcro helps to keep his accessories accessible.

Veronica wears this season's kitchen garbage bag pocketbook. Take it to the park and clean up your neighborhood.

Lizzie wears a Midsummer's Night-scented Yankee Candle neck charm. Freshen up your look and that smoggy SoCal air.

Nina shows off her baby in a Juicy Couture dog bag—an essential, upscale option for toting your tot in total trendiness.

Alternately, Math displays how to carry a canine in none other than a Baby Bjorn by JEEP.

L.A. loves a label whore. Ryan's t-shirt neckline choker lets everyone know he's contempo—with credentials.

Sarah's tankini is double-D for double-duty, shown here with a festive summer pineapple insert.

Not one to break a sweat over broken limbs, Gregory suits up with these custom cast condoms, rendering him pool-proof.

You can take the girl out of the office, but you can't take the office out of the girl… so long as she's wearing a flash drive belly chain.

Rahmond's Paris fashion sense is of the Hilton variety, with this blond and beautiful backside pony.

Brian ventilates his midriff with a halter neck piece. Beat the heat with this temporary crop-top mechanism.

Audrey gives her dark denim a distressed look on the go, accomplished easily with a can of white spray paint.

It's what's on the outside that counts to a California girl like Lisa, which is why she shows off her penchant for piercings on top of her clothes.

Bungee-cord halter tops are bouncy and built to last. Natasha and Ashland's bungee looks are complete with a camera-ready 3D step and repeat .

Adelaide works out as she wades, in this sand and sea-shell weighted swimsuit by Lisa Katnic.

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