An updated curriculum includes getting slimed. This life drawing class attempts to translate gunge to graphite.

Bunny is toeing the line between performance and painting, using her signature erotic foot fetish application.

Charcoal is messy, but that's no reason to look sketch. No one could mock this customized smock.

The latest in brand worship on a budget: hand-painted streetwear.

All Day I Dream About Situationists.

Dallas is working into the wee hours on his sculpture, but he remains alert to the energy drink trend with his hand-painted Monster logo t-shirt.

Inspired by The Pregnancy Pact (the Lifetime made-for-TV movie, not the true story), Rachel and Vesper are giving birth to radical media and merchandising concepts. Anne Geddes eat your art out.

A harmless hazing trend called 'bombing' is ripped straight from the headlines. These students appropriate current events with a glitterbomb à la Mitt Romney.

Kim Kardashian is a modern muse. When she was flourbombed, it was meant to shame. Here at art school, it's a role-playing game.

Like many active Tumblr users, this photo major loves a hybrid anything—including himself. He's the image and the maker, celebutante and paparazzo, the editor and the editorial. Just because it's fantasy doesn't mean it's not still life.

Daryl wears Glasspopcorn's 'Crop top.'

Vitamin Alex experiments with contemporary identity, smuggling his vacant varsity football past under his #seaPrep-savvy present.

What's on the mind of this fingerless-toe-socked student? Sustainability. He gets in touch with the truth about his upcoming installation: Earth works.

We caught this girl transitioning seamlessly from the student fitness center to a co-ed kegger, wearing her Nike weightlifting belt as a bare midriff top.

These freshman curators have a vision for art's future—and theirs—ambitiously donning Sol Moscot eyewear and Issey Miyake.

Even the staff are artfully arranged. Here we see a admissions counselor with a university tote bag, a new and breezy breed of .jpeggings, and a bluetooth.

Segway security

With officers on Segways, campus security has been transported to greener, more efficient modalities.

Trampstamp tank top

Picasso's Blue Period, AbEx, Mannerism, Dada. In art, everything's just a phase. With a trampstamp tank top—a Wet Seal/DIS Magazine collaboration—you can hit 'Undo' the moment you graduate.

Trampstamp tank top detail

The Student Is Present... because it's a degree requirement and the TA is taking attendance. These two are practicing their finest Flickr faces in a spinoff durational performance class.

It's 2012, the city still hasn't installed public USB charging kiosks, and Shawn's not gonna take it anymore. He wears his iPhone charger around his neck as jewelry with a practical and political statement.

Oversized works for mass consumption—and ma$$ive profit—have left Doris and Sasha disenfranchised. They collaborate on an abstract earring painting, giving the miniature an intimate but well-deserved renaissance.

This paintbrush skirt gives the distinct impression that we're dealing with a fringe artist.

This junior just left painting to be a video major. 'I sucked at stippling.' She's repurposed her supplies as accessories. 'Yeah, nothing says luxury like wasting a tube of cobalt blue.'

Sure, all college students multitask. But when this one finishes his class reading, he'll have a first-edition work of art on his hands.

Matthew Barney may have been the prototype, but thanks to Bruce Weber, art jocks are now a viable and vital component of campus life.

Oscar, a chronic procrastinator, tries to incorporate a royalty-free readymade from Bed Bath & Beyond into his practice. But his crit classmates are dubious about this little Duchamp dodge.

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