Evolved Lifestyles

DIS Magazine: Lethal Lady

Lethal Lady

Michelle Falsetta, female bodybuilder and wrestler, shows off her famous locks, holds, and scissors on three unwary men.

DIS Magazine: Kinæsthetic Companions

Kinæsthetic Companions

Two Buddies Get Bodied in Their Most Private Place—Their Home

DIS Magazine: Background: Check

Background: Check

Facebook profile pics of visitors to DIS HQ

DIS Magazine: Plank Girl

Plank Girl

The body meme of planking is moving into unexpected places for Fall 2011, helping high fashion finally level out.

DIS Magazine: Khakiism


A khagalogue of meta-khromal blending

DIS Magazine: Herbalife™


A re-contextualization of the official Herbalife dance performed by tweens and choreographed by Richard Kennedy

DIS Magazine: ReTween


They're Back!

DIS Magazine: Still Cruising II

Still Cruising II

On a yacht or on the rocks, Kelly Graylien is a born natural.

DIS Magazine: Contemporary Internet Lifestyles

Contemporary Internet Lifestyles

DIS teamed up with Parker Ito to explore Contemporary Internet Lifestyles.

DIS Magazine: Soft Negotiations

Soft Negotiations

A de-stressed desk will give your business peace of mind (and body).

DIS Magazine: Global Depot

Global Depot

Big-box solutions for dynamic lifescaping

DIS Magazine: Currently Bending

Currently Bending

Casually contorted cargo is the latest twist in men's activewear.

DIS Magazine: How to Hide from Machines

How to Hide from Machines

The perilous glamour of life under surveillance.

DIS Magazine: Extreme Lengths and Emerging Adulthood

Extreme Lengths and Emerging Adulthood

Habit-forming Denim and Streetwear for Fall/Winter 2010-11 by Telfar

DIS Magazine: People > Lifestyles > Clothes > Laura Ashley (31)

People > Lifestyles > Clothes > Laura Ashley (31)

DIS Magazine: You Are Beautiful and You Are a Chair

You Are Beautiful and You Are a Chair

New Visions of Loungewear by Keehnan Konyha

DIS Magazine: Highly Effective People

Highly Effective People

DIS presents emerging office subcultures.

DIS Magazine: Multi-Modal Communication

Multi-Modal Communication

Recently at my sisters wedding, my aunt Geraldine wore a Jawbone brand bluetooth earpiece all day long. She wore it in the church, during the processional drive, and at the reception. She was business-borg.

DIS Magazine: Still Cruising

Still Cruising

Kelly Graylien for Still Cruising 2010, a diffusion line by Marie Gray of luxury clothing label St. John

DIS Magazine: Multitasking


How accessed are your accessories?