Tweendom is a critical stage of ontogeny. Developmental psychologist Jean Piaget explained that between the ages of seven and eleven we enter a concrete operational stage. During this stage we develop our abilities to see from another perspective. (ie. to be able to think outside of our own experience) This is also when most of us forget our babyhood and coincidentally our past lives as well.

ReTween Idols

The following tweens have openly shared their stories of reincarnation with clarity and honesty. Their journeys are well documented and include extraordinary detail; a previous personality diary to die for.

He delayed his birth in August by two months to be born the same day Buddha Descended from Tushita Heaven. Not only did he choose his parents, but his previous personality paired the two for engagement and set the date for their marriage.

Geshe Lama Konchog a renowned Tibetan Buddhist gelugpa lama died at the age of 74 in 2001.

James chose his parents Bruce and Andrea Leininger. They wrote a book about it called Soul Survivor.

“I hope this helps people understand the meaning of how precious life is. How fast it can just blow away. And I also hope it opens peoples eyes up to reincarnation. Yes, I hope it opens peoples eyes up to the fact that reincarnation can happen, it is a possibility, it’s not a lie.” — James Leininger

James Huston Jr. a WWII fighter pilot was shot down in flight over Chichi-jima Japan and died at age of 21 in 1945.

Ryan began talking about going “home” to Hollywood at age 3. He has recalled 102 specifics of his previous personality, 90 of which were verified to be true.

“Ryan says that we all come back because we have lessons to relearn. Ryan said he had to come back because of greed and he didn’t put his family and love first.” — Cyndi Hammons

Marty Martyn, a Hollywood actor and agent died at the age of 59 in Beverly Hills, California, USA 1964.

Shane (James) Robertson from Barra, Scotland died during the 1970’s

Fast facts on Reincarnation

Running out of time? Catch up on the science of reincarnation.

More than 2,500 cases over forty years are registered in the files of the Division of Personality Studies at University of Virginia xiv

Cases from all over the world can include birthmarks that match wounds on the previous personality. 16

The average age
is thirty-five months for the first communication of a previous life. 89

Thirty-four of the children out of 1,100 cases showed an unusual desire for alcohol or tobacco that was consistent with the previous personality’s tastes.120

In one series of sex-change cases, twenty-one out of thirty-four cases (62 percent), showed behavior that was appropriate for the opposite sex. 124

Children describe very recent lives. In fact, the median time between the death of the previous personality and the birth of the subject is only fifteen to sixteen months. 12

The more the previous personality meditated, the more likely the child was to describe memories from another realm. 176

Seventy-five percent of the children describe the way that they died in their previous life, and the mode of death is frequently violent or sudden. 12

In 1,100 cases of reincarnation:
69 subjects reported memories of the previous personality’s funeral or the handling of the remains; 91 described other events happening on Earth; 112 reported memories of being in another realm; and 45 reported memories either of conception or being reborn. 168

The children most always stop talking about the past life around age six or seven not only do they stop talking about the previous life, they often deny any memories of it when asked. 12

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