Fitness Povero: A Lifestyle Guide

Fitness Povero: A Lifestyle Guide and your best rowing machine.

The New Metropolitics of Nature

The New Metropolitics of Nature By Matthew Claudel and Katherine Eshel Parks, dog walking, landscaping, ponds. These are the pinpoints of our immediate experience with nature in cities, but far wider, deeper and messier urban ecologies form the skeleton of a sustainably habitable city. Human health is directly tied to those natural urban features and, in the age of the Anthropocene, it is crucial to foster urban ecosystems that are resilient to extreme climate events,… [read more »]

Siblings Gino and Leslie make plop art cute — one public sculpture at a time.

Gino & Leslie are New Jersey-based siblings with a passion for sculpture. Or, more accurately, a passion for having their photos taken in front of publically accessible sculptures. Ranging from Josephine Meckseper’s temporary installation ‘Manhattan Oil Project’ to a small Tau Beta Pi honor society sculpture in the garden at NYU. Jumping on a ~*future_trend*~ prior to the ArtSelfie phenomenon, these sibs turn public art into destinations for their self-directed adventure.     The sibling’s… [read more »]

Where are the female networks in the art world?

If the art world isn’t talking about it, Anicka Yi wants to bring it up! Her new podcast Lonely Samurai is a space to rekindle dialogue around contemporary social, economic and art world issues. In the inaugural episodes she talks to a range of prominent thinkers –from practicing artists and art collectors, to a master perfumer, to an intellectual property lawyer– and everyone brings a different P.O.V. In What Was Collaboration, the first episode of… [read more »]