VIDEO | Glasspopcorn “My Circle” PREMIERE

now that im growing up, a lot of people are using the phrase, “once this glasspopcorn thing blows over.” they dont understand that glasspopcorn isn’t something that just ‘blows over.’ on the internet, there are a lot of rumors. some people still dont believe glasspopcorn is real. some people think i got signed to def jam and im changing my name, or that im in a tight legal battle with lex luger over the goin hamburger beat. im not dead but i have been abducted by aliens, once or twice, i think. something definitely changed within me. i read a book by david icke about reptilian humanoids, and since then ive felt this encroaching…darkness. idk. its like i schismed or something. like inside. like suddenly during the daytime everything feels very bright and warm and the nights are just the gnarliest dark nights ever. i forgot everything i thought i knew about myself, my personal brand, my.. social media, schematics, n shit.. i feel like its because of some huge looming darkness. or maybe its just growing up. my friend jordan once told me (through embedding 3D css text in a chatroom), “step yr game up/lose the ego.” maybe its time to change my name, start going to different places, maybe make a happy hardcore record or something.

anyway, this video is dedicated to the adult who once told me at a debate tournament that being a white rapper would hurt my chances at staying in a monogamous heterosexual relationship. good thing im more attracted to energies than people. but thanks for the advice, im taking it.