Dining with Reba Maybury

Dining with Reba Maybury Deconstructing power through the lens of a political dominatrix In a time when many of us have unwittingly become brand ambassadors whereby our livelihoods directly or indirectly depend on the buying and selling of products, what does it mean to really want something? More specifically, to want something shameful, that you can’t purchase in a store. And to want it so much that you’re willing to pay a stranger to perform… [read more »]

Cowgirls of Color

COWGIRLS OF COLOR June Canedo and Tess Herbert capture Cowgirls of Color, a competitive cowgirl group based in Maryland – June Canedo The Cowgirls Sandra Dorsey Kisha Bowles Selina Brown Brittaney Logan The Trainer Dr. Ray Charles Lockamy Photographer: June Canedo Stylist: Tess Herbert MUA: Monica Bethea

Bump Dis – Quay Dash
Byproducts of Development

Byproducts of Development A conversation between Hamed Bukhamseen & Abdullah Al-Mutairi One in a series of videos by Al-Mutairi for his upcoming solo show “Byproducts of Development.” Soundtrack: Shotta Goin Under, Abby’s Pre-Party Smoothie Blend “Byproducts of Development” utilizes the form of fan labour known as “vidding” to narrate inhabitant’s visceral experience of hyper-development in Kuwait through the use of personal, popular, and found media. Focusing on the environmental and social impact industrial expansion has… [read more »]

painting leah

Mixed by Mhysa (facebook.com/Mhysa301/) Cover Photo and Make Up by Allison McDaniel (acmcdaniel.com) Cover Design by E. Jane (e-jane.net) 3D Animation by sarah nicole françois (000sportwear.co) ++++ ++++ ++++ nene leakes – i liked it (intro) THANDOE DA POET – I STAY IN LOVE Mhysa – STROBE (Prod. lawd knows) Katie Got Bandz – #TEAM LIL BOOTY (DJ HOODCORE edit) Trina – C’mon Babe Missy Elliott – I’m Better (mhysa slight edit4mix) Cardi B –… [read more »]

Nicolas Ceccaldi, Pier 1 Imports And The Queering of Nothingness

Nicolas Ceccaldi, Pier 1 Imports And The Queering of Nothingness Gerardo Contreras The technical environment is our over-production of pollutant, fragile and obsolescent objects. For production lives, its entire logic and strategy are articulated on fragility and obsolescence. – Jean Baudrillard There is no gratitude in mercy and in medicine. – Gertrude Stein Hey I just met you and this is crazy but please don’t talk to me because you are a stranger. – Mira… [read more »]

Form versus Content in Enforced Transparency

Form versus Content in Enforced Transparency Matt Goerzen and Raymond Johansen Transparency is seen as vital to any functioning democracy; in the United States, citizens enjoy limited powers to bring government documents into the public domain via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and some legal protection is granted to public interest-motivated leakers and whistleblowers. Generally, transparency is understood as a net positive for liberal democracy, and organizations like the Pirate Parties International centralize transparency… [read more »]

CULTURESPORT.TV | Interview: John Michael Boling

    Anastasia Davydova interviews John Michael Boling  CULTURESPORT is a lot of things: an animated series, creative studio and meta-brand created entirely in the open-source 3D software Blender by veteran Net artist John Michael Boling – former Associate Director of Rhizome, co-founder of NASTY NETS internet surfing club, and co-founder of Are.na, a platform for creative research. I started to hear a lot about JMB from Asher Penn, who interviewed him for Sex Magazine… [read more »]

New Eelam and the dispersion of critique

New Eelam and the dispersion of critique Jeppe Ugelvig 1. Christopher Kulendran Thomas’ ongoing work New Eelam – developed in collaboration with curator Annika Kuhlmann and initially introduced at the 9th Berlin Biennial and 11th Gwangju Biennale, with a new iteration coming soon to Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin – exceeds the traditional limits of the artwork. Not only formally – the work is envisaged as an open-endedly durational project in the form of a startup… [read more »]


Decrophilia Matthew Raviotta DECROPHILIA, out now on Badlands Unlimited by artist Matthew Raviotta stylishly excavates the exotic and familiar world of American suburbia. In a sequence of seductive and sometimes bewildering images, the book mines the trappings of comfort that epitomize the mythic “good life” of middle class incomes and stable homes. Compositions with scented candles, custom shower curtains, and cough medicine juxtapose with writhing bodies and models that embody the look and feel of… [read more »]

6 Page Letter | Babi Audi

TELFAR BTS SS17Photography by Dillon Sachs Video and Soundtrack Credits Original Score: Aaron David Ross Vocals: Ryan Trecartin Creative Director: Babak Radboy Producer: Laura McMullin Set Producer: Katie Hawkins Assistant Producer: Nika Sarabi Public Relations: LaForce NYC Styling: Avena Gallagher Casting: Walter Pearce @Midland Hair: Shingo Shibata Make Up: Deana Melluso Barber: Fran Freeman Videography: Charles Curran Graphic Designer: Rik Laging

Face Jagger

Face Jagger Jakob S. Boeskov Artist Jakob S. Boeskov recounts his experience showcasing a fake cyber weapon at a security fair in Anaheim, California. The fictitious weapon was presented at a rented booth to businessmen, terrorism experts, and federal employees. Preface This was the idea: travel to America’s largest security fair and exhibit a fake cyberweapon. All the big boys in the surveillance industry would be there. Former CIA director Michael Hayden would be giving… [read more »]

nils lange + saliva : l’eau des algues

L’Eau des Algues Two alchemists already aware of each other’s Instagrams meet for the first time in a gay sauna. They are swimming; it’s the Hood By Air afterparty in Paris. They are Lukas Hofmann and Nils Amadeus Lange. Months later, they meet again. They are on the edge of yet another steaming pool; it’s the Manifesta Biennale closing event at Cabaret Voltaire. They are performing the perfume titled “L’eau des Algues.” Head notes: Zürich… [read more »]

June Canedo and Tess Herbert | Myrtle Beach Fashion Week

Myrtle Beach Fashion Week June Canedo and Tess Herbert June Canedo and Tess Herbert went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to photograph locals who do not care to attend a fashion week, ever. In the eighteenth century, designers would travel to Asia and Africa to grab every piece of fabric they could get their hands on—cutting and pasting here and there—and sell the garments to European aristocrats at Private Salons. Here, designers got together in… [read more »]

The work continues

The work continues Hannah Black interviews Mariame Kaba I encountered Mariame Kaba’s work through her Twitter and her blog, Prison Culture. She is an organizer, educator and curator, based in Chicago for over 20 years and now back in her hometown of New York. I interviewed Mariame over the phone. Though Mariame came to mind for this issue of the magazine because I loved her election commentary on Twitter, her real work is as an… [read more »]

Onwards & Upwards

Upwards & Onwards Winnie Wong and Martha Rosler answer some questionsaround this election season In preparation for the 2016 Presidential election on November 8, artist Martha Rosler and activist Winnie Wong take stock of the state of politics and society along the campaign trail and talk about what can be learned from it in blazing the trail ahead. Looking at this election campaign, what disparities do you see between 2nd and 3rd wave feminism? Martha… [read more »]

Election Renewal

Election Renewal Guest edited by Katerina Llanes and Meredith Whittaker Shawn Maximo, Election Renewal (Purple Power), 2016. The Russian term stiob describes a late-Soviet aesthetic practice that engaged a dark strain of irony, in which it was “impossible to tell whether it was a form of sincere support, subtle ridicule, or a peculiar mixture of the two.”1 It performed a relationship where the pieces destabilized each other. And was coined during a time in a… [read more »]