Jupiter is gifting you in June, find out how in your DIStrology from @Mercuryinmorgan

Gemini, June is your moment (a la Rebecca Black), enjoy your 15 minutes in the planetary spotlight! Jupiter, the planet of good luck and interstellar praise, has been in Gemini for the past year, expanding your interests and blowing up your reality. It’s about to leave your sign, and it won’t be back for 11 years, but the last few weeks of its stay will be cause for celebration. Jupiter’s expansive influence has given you so many options that its been difficult to choose which direction to take, but with Mars, the planet of energy, vitality, and drive in Gemini this month you will get a B-12 boost of energy that helps you direct Jupiter’s good vibes exactly where they need to go. Move in the most positive direction, and you will continue to push the good vibes forward in months to come. If the eclipse on May 25 was a total blackout, the new moon in Gemini on June 8 will be the beginning of a new era of light. Anything you begin around this date will have huge significance in the coming year, this counts for relationships, work & job related activities, and practically any personal project. Later in the month, your ruling planet Mercury will move retrograde in Cancer, which could leave you emotionally exhausted with a confusing financial conundrum as you move in to July. But keep your worrying to a minimum, because Jupiter will move in to Cancer, spending the next year in your 2nd house of income and financial resources, providing plenty of new opportunities for money-making and unexpected bonuses.

June 8– A new moon in Gemini starts a brand new cycle for you. Put the drama of the eclipses behind you, and start #fresh!
June 11– You can accomplish anything with the whole zodiac behind you, but Pluto wants to know if you’re channeling all this energy in the most #positive direction.
June 17– You have the impetus and the inspiration to get #nextlevel. Not just another manic Monday.
June 19– The sun in Gemini joins Jupiter for one last magical moment. #Luckyday, especially for Gemini born L8 in the month
June 21– SUMMER SOLSTICE! The sun enters Cancer today.
June 23– Full moon in Capricorn brings you down to earth.
June 25– Jupiter enters Cancer. Don’t worry, your lucky isn’t totally gone, in Cancer, Jupiter is great for your finances!
June 26– Mercury moves retrograde in Cancer, try to express your feelings clearly (I dare you!).

Cancer, notoriously the poutiest sign of the Zodiac, has no excuse for summertime sadness, the universe has the perfect prescription that will enhance your mood to phenomenal levels all season long . Jupiter the planet of good vibes, fun, and excitement moves in to Cancer on June 26 for a year long trip through your sign that will infinitely increase the positive energy in your life. This is a planetary gift that each sign receives only once a decade, and you will look back on this year as one of the seminal periods on your existential journey. I know the anticipation to is probably killing you, but there is a lot to look forward to in the meantime. Venus is in Cancer for all of June, making you an irresistible commodity on the dating market. The full moon in Capricorn on June 23 will fall in your 7th house of relationships, which could deepen current connections with a crush, or introduce you to someone new depending on your current status. Mercury moves retrograde in Cancer June 26, just a day after Jupiter’s good luck glide in to your sign. This could unleash a flash flood of confusion throughout your life, but your cosmic buoyancy will make it easy to swim through to the other side on July 20.

June 2– Forget about summertime sadness! Venus enters Cancer, bringing you love and romance all season long.
June 8– The new moon in Gemini begins a new lunar cycle that will help you communicate your true desires.
June 11– It’s your Summer of Love, but pay attention to potential relationship drama that bubbles up today. Commitments might be made or broken.
June 17– Surprising action at work gets you motivated to initiate new projects.
June 21– SUMMER SOLSTICE! The sun enters Cancer, shining the planetary spotlight straight towards you!
June 23– The full moon in Capricorn falls in your 7th house of relationships, love is in the air!
June 25– Jupiter, the planet of good luck and awesome times, enters Cancer ensuring #positive vibes all summer long.
June 26– Unfortunately, Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer today, creating temporary emotional and mental confusion.

Leo thrives when the sun shines bright,  and your social life heats up as the summer sun begins to sizzle in June. Jupiter has been in your 11th house of social connections for a year now, and as Mercury and Mars join Jupiter in Gemini, the party really gets started. The new moon on June 8 will be the highlight of your social calendar, and you’re likely to meet new friends and experience past life re-connections around this day. The people you meet this month will be true soul sisters. Venus moves through your 12th house of higher meaning, so this kind of karmic connection is exactly what you’re looking for. With Venus in your 12th house until July, its likely that summertime romance will not necessarily be your focus until July, but love affairs that do begin now will exist because of deep, unspoken connections, shared dreams, and psychic understanding. The full moon in Capricorn on June 23, together with an aspect between Venus and Pluto on June 12 make June the month to cleanse, start your diet, and begin a new health-oriented routine. This is going to be a busy month for you, but if you can pencil it in, a trip to a massage therapist or an acupuncturist around June 12 or June 23 would work wonders on your body and your mind. Mercury will move retrograde in Cancer on June 26, and while this retrograde will not have huge impact on your external existence and daily life, you may subconsciously notice disagreements playing out in your internal dialogue. Jupiter moves in to Cancer on June 25, providing you with guardian angels until July 2014, so you should be shielded from any retrograde wrong-doings.

June 2– Unspoken passion, secret affairs, and wordless advances are more likely than open relationships until Venus moves in to Leo in July
June 8– The new moon in Gemini ignites your area of socialization. New friends are on your horizon
June 11– Venus in your 12th house of higher meaning faces Pluto in your 6th house of work. Is all your effort worth it, or is it time for summer vacation?
June 17– Inspiration from a friend could get you moving in a new creative direction that you are excited to explore
June 19– Your social life is expanding, and you’re feeling #cosmically #connected. Jupiter invites celebration today.
June 21– SUMMER SOLSTICE! The sun enters Cancer today.
June 23– Full moon in Capricorn is always a reality check. For Leo, it’s time to get a check-up and take care of your health and well-being.
June 25– Jupiter enters Cancer, and you will have guardian angels looking out for you until July 2014.
June 26– Mercury goes retrograde, effecting your inner life and internal dialogue more strongly than your extra-personal relationships

Jupiter has been in your 10th house of work achievements and public recognition for a year now, and although it is about to move on, it will be joined this month by Mercury and Mars, making you the employee of the month. Virgo is known as the hardest working sign of the Zodiac, and this month your boss totally agrees. For the past 2 years, eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius created a career conundrum that might have caused you to change paths or move to a new location in order to pursue your profession. The new moon in Gemini on June 8 will put this confusing career cycle behind you and allow you to climb the corporate ladder without all the back stepping. On June 23, the full moon in Capricorn will cap off a creative project you’ve been working and it will be a cause for celebration. Venus moves in to cancer at the beginning of June, and your friends will instantly start being sweeter to you. This is just a foretaste of the social shift that’s coming when Jupiter moves in to Cancer on June 25, moving through your 11th house of popularity until July 2014. You will be making so many new friends this summer, it’s going to be difficult to manage all your social engagements.

June 2– Venus entered Cancer, & you will feel #blessed with your extraordinarily sensitive, cute, and cool friends all month.
June 7– Neptune moves retrograde in Pisces in your 7th house of relationships, don’t let your crush confuse you!
June 8- New moon in Gemini starts a new cycle for your career, put the burdensome barrier of the eclipses behind you and climb the corporate ladder!
June 11– You tend to be reserved, but the aspect formed by Pluto and Venus today urges you to express yourself and assert individuality.
June 17– Your professional celebrity crush will start following you on Twitter and RT everything you say.
June 19– The sun meets Jupiter in Gemini in your 10th house of career and material success. Send professional emails, plan a meeting with your boss, and dress for success.
June 21– SUMMER SOLSTICE! The sun enters Cancer today.
June 23– Full moon in Capricorn brings closure to a creative project you’ve been working on.
June 25– Jupiter enters Cancer, get all your boring chores done now so you can enjoy this transit that highlights your social life for the next year!
June 26– Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer, in your 11th house of groups socialization and it will be difficult to find time for all your acquaintances.

libra-2If summer travel is on your mind, June would be the ideal month to plan your tour of the holy land or your trip to Tibet. A tropical vacation would be enjoyed, but some place mentally and spiritually stimulating is really what you’re after. Mars will move through your 9th house of foreign travel and worldly knowledge, meaning that spontaneously purchasing a finding a flight is not out of the question if you don’t have travel time booked. You may want to jump on a plane when the new moon in Gemini on June 8 stimulates your desire for adventure and exploration, but the beginning of the month has a few aspects that will keep you too busy at work to leave your responsibilities behind. Venus in Cancer, moving through your 10th house of Career counseling, makes sure your will be well rewarded for any overtime you put in, and that your superiors see the sleek and sophisticated professional self you strive to present. I suggest you try to take some time off sometime in June, because as soon as Jupiter moves in to Cancer on June 25, your professional life will become the focus. You just wanna be successful, and even if you’re starting from the bottom, you will be at the top by the end of Jupiter’s transit through your 10th house.

June 2- Your ruling planet Venus moved in to Cancer, giving you support, guidance, and care on your career path all month.
June 7– Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces. This would be an excellent time to get a check-up because unknown health matters could arise, although its likely they would be solved by a quick trip to the acupuncturist.
June 8– Order a new e-book on your kindle on the new moon in Gemini, and you’ll be glued to the screen until you scroll through every page.
June 11– You’re feeling torn between commitments at work and the desire to chill out at home. Streamline your existence so you can enjoy both!
June 17– Libra’s lesson in this lifetime is to master the art of relating to others. Something you experience today will be a stepping stone on your karmic path.
June 19– Jupiter joins the sun in Gemini, and this week would be the perfect time to plan a trip!
June 21– SUMMER SOLSTICE! The sun enters Cancer today.
June 23– Full moon in Capricorn. Light a candle, burn some sage, and spend a quiet night at home. Treat yourself to a bubble bath!
June 25 -Jupiter enters Cancer, giving your professional status a promotion. This lucky transit lasts for over a year, you can expect success!
June 26- Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer, the first step to success is to remain calm and collected at work during this retrograde in your 10th house of

Astrologers seem to delight in giving you the bad news about Saturn in Scorpio and how it has the potential to downgrade so many aspects of your existence, but in fact, this summer transformational Saturn will form one of the three points of a grand trine, astrology’s most favorable aspect, that will make this one of the most exciting summers of your life and ensure that the changes Saturn necessitates will be executed with grace and ease. When Jupiter moves in to Cancer on June 25, it will ignite the trine between Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio, providing positive flow between these three powerful planets. Saturn in your sign shifts the structures in your life and causes you to re-evaluate your reality, but with Jupiter, the planet of good luck, moving in your favor, you will be much closer to understanding the new era you are entering. Jupiter will transit your 9th house of foreign travel and worldly knowledge, encouraging travel plans that broaden your horizons. Take advantage of the grand trine, which will make traveling extra exciting, but try to avoid Mercury’s upcoming retrograde in Cancer that would make a trip hazardous starting June 26 and running until July 20.

June 2- Venus moved in to Cancer, inspiring your philosophical inquiry to focus on the concept of love. It’s like, totally #existential.
June 7- Neptune moves retrograde in your 5th house of creativity, let intuition and dreams guide you in the coming months.
June 8- The new moon in Gemini will be an empowering beginning to the summer, make commitments to yourself now and they will be kept all season. Start saving money with a specific goal in mind.
June 11- It’s not about what you know, but what you feel. Something doesn’t feel right, even though it seems 100% chill on paper. Figure out what’s really up.
June 17- Mars plays planetary chiropractor today, giving you an opportunity to correct any body drama you’re feeling. Gentle Yoga, Acupressure, or Acupuncture will instantly re-align your chi.
June 21- SUMMER SOLSTICE! The sun enters Cancer today.
June 23- Full moon in Capricorn will not bring groundbreaking changes, things should be moving along smoothly #chill #moon #rising
June 25- Jupiter enters Cancer, moving in to your 9th house of summer backpacking trips and spiritual journeys. You’re going to Tibet!
June 26- Mercury moves retrograde in Cancer, try not to cry when no one understands a word you’re saying for the next 30 days.

Your ruling planet Jupiter has been moving through your 7th house of partnerships for the past year, providing plenty of opportunities to meet the person of your dreams. On June 25, Jupiter will move in to Cancer, changing you outlook for the next year. You’re not looking for frivolous encounters anymore, and this counts for love, friendship, and the people you with. If you did find love while Jupiter put you on, commitment will be on your mind. You love to play around, but you’re no fair-weather f*ck, and you deserve the depth and dimension of an adult relationship. I also imagine that money will be on your mind this month, and its important to get all of your bills paid on time so you can avoid being sent a fat reality check on June 11 when Pluto looks over your finances. The full moon in Capricorn has similar aspects, so its time to get your budget balanced and have everything squared away, even if financial planning is not your strong-suit. On June 26, Mercury will move in to retrograde, but this retrograde will have less impact IRL, with more energy directed towards confusing conversations with your inner self.

June 2- Venus moved in to Cancer. You will be seeking commitment and security in your current relationships.
June 8- The new moon in Gemini is an energetic book-end to the series of eclipses in Sagittarius/Gemini over the past 2 1/2 yrs. Start fresh and make new plans. New relationships in love and business will flourish.
June 11- Make sure you pay all your bills on time this month, I’m serious. Venus opposes Pluto today in your financial houses, and there could be an unwelcome surprise if you don’t
June 17- Romantic surprises are keeping things interesting, even if commitment is on your mind.
June 21- SUMMER SOLSTICE! The sun moves in to Cancer today.
June 23- Full moon in Capricorn brings up financial matters again, log in to your bank account and make sure everything is up to date. Phantom charges could lead to an unexpected overdraft.
June 25- Your ruling planet Jupiter enters Cancer until July 2014. This transit will take you to a spiritual plane where you will explore new levels of emotional intimacy.
June 26- Mercury moves retrograde in Cancer, bringing temporary confusion within, but hopefully not IRL.

Sometimes you get so wrapped up in your work, that you forget all the important things in life that happen outside of office hours. This month its time to give up your workaholism and spend time enjoying life. You have a full moon in Capricorn on June 23 that brings an important cycle of your life to a close, so as you wrap things up take your time and don’t stress yourself out. Every Capricorn deserves a companion, and this month Venus wants to set you up, as she moves in to your 7th house of partnerships. Jupiter moves in to Cancer on June 25, joining Venus in your 7th house making new relationships flourish for the rest of the summer. Jupiter will hold this lucky placement until July 2014, and relationships will be a positive point of focus for the next year. This placement favors relating to others because you are more open, and you feel a need to connect and share your vision of reality with another person. If you tend to spend time alone, this year will be an exception to your hide-away habits. On June 26, the day after Jupiter’s magical move, Mercury goes retrograde, meaning that you shouldn’t be alarmed if you don’t find your true love right away. Mercury’s retrograde will make dating and relating confusing until July 20, but once it comes out of retrograde you’ll have more finesse and understanding.

June 2- Venus moved in to Cancer occupying your 7th house of relationships all month long. Jupiter is soon to follow. You’re getting wifed up!
June 8- The new moon in Gemini falls in your 6th house of health, this would be an awesome time to start a diet or cleanse. It’s not too late to get your #summerbody
June 11- You may need to make adjustments to your lifestyle to invite the relationship you want in to your personal universe.
June 17- Stressful work routines call for making time to #relax. Spend time at home in peace and quiet whenever you get a chance this week.
June 21- SUMMER SOLSTICE! The sun moves in to Cancer today! Solar flares are lighting up your house of relationships.
June 23- A full moon in Capricorn means brings all the lunar focus on you! Shine bright like a glittering diamond in the moonlight!
June 25- Jupiter, the planet of good luck, moves in to Cancer, occupying your 7th house of romance until July 2014. If you’re not in a relationship now, chances are you will be by this time next year.
June 26- Mercury moves retrograde in Cancer. You have a whole year to find your ideal match, so don’t be upset if the first few dates are duds.

Aquarius, your focus is XTREME this month, and you can accomplish a lot of creative work if you take the planetary adderall that is being offered up by the cosmos. Mars and Mercury in Gemini are moving through your 5th house of creativity, focusing your thoughts on artistic output. You feel a powerful need to express the thoughts and ideas you have by turning them in to a physical art-object, aural experience, or ephemeral performance piece to be captured on Vine or Youtube. You may spend time in the studio perfecting your craft this month, but that doesn’t mean you have to rule out having summertime fun. Venus moves through your 6th house of organization, planning, and health, suggesting that you’ll be busy, but totally able to balance work, fun, and stay healthy while you’re doing it. Jupiter joins Venus in Cancer on June 25, and stays there until July 2014. Health will be a major focus for you over the next year, so you might want to look in to new vitamin options and alternative medicine procedures that suit your elective health interests. On June 26 Mercury moves retrograde, and this time around, it will have major effects on your daily routine. Give yourself extra time to commute in July, and don’t get stressed out by trivial trials and tribulations.

June 2- Venus moved in to Cancer, in your 6th house of health, making it possible to stick to a healthy diet. Your  7-11 Big Gulp is traded in for a kombucha gingerade.
June 8- The new moon in Gemini inspires you to start making the most of the studio you rent, where you never spend any time. Creative projects fill summer spare time.
June 11- All you want to eat is an endless series of sweet treats, but you will need to balance your diet with green juice and raw probiotics if you want to stay healthy. Pluto gives Venus in your sixth house a healthy ultimatum.
June 17- Inspiration will spring forth from a surprising source today.
June 21- SUMMER SOLSTICE! The sun enters Cancer today.
June 23- This full moon in Capricorn is the perfect chance to log off and check out. Leave your phone at home and give in to the #Zen flow.
June 25- Jupiter moves in to Cancer, and your schedule will be packed for the next year with exciting work projects as it transits your 6th house of routine business. You’ll be busy with work, but loving what you do.
June 26- Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer. This retrograde will make your daily routine confusing for the next month, so give yourself extra time to commute, and expect delays.

This summer is going to swim by smoothly, with waves of romance washing over all the water signs, but particularly Pisces, when Jupiter moves in to Cancer on June 25 blasting beams of love towards Saturn and Neptune. Jupiter will occupy your 5th house of romance, adventure, and creativity until July 2014, so this year will be full of exciting changes and discoveries. Venus entered Cancer at the very beginning of June, so you are beginning to feel premonitions of what life will be like right now. It will be hard to contain the good vibes you’re feeling, but for now its best to focus your energy at home and make plans for the future before you’re swept away by the exciting currents of summer. Spend the new moon in Gemini on June 8 getting your home organized, because you will have little time to spare for trivial matters like sorting socks and filing paperwork later in the summer. Using Feng Shui to increase the flow of chi in your living environment will help you maximize your mood and productivity. Shifts in your life could make you feel like moving on to a new home in your town or exploring horizons farther beyond, so streamlining your possessions now would help you if spiritual adventure beckons you onward.

June 2- Venus moved in to Cancer, giving your love life a B-12 boost for the remainder of the month.
June 8- New moon in Gemini, organize your home, and the Feng Shui vibes will revolutionize your whole existence!
June 11- Don’t let one of your lovers get you confused- commitment is not an option- you have too many potential partners to pick one right now.
June 17- Your finances are in flux, and it might be time to consider upgrading (or maybe downgrading?) your living situation.
June 21- SUMMER SOLSTICE! The sun enters Cancer today, creating a totally awesome trine to your natal sun.
June 23- The full moon in Capricorn will have you busy socializing. You’ve made so many new friends in the past year who are worth celebrating.
June 25- Jupiter, the planet of good luck, moves in to Cancer for an entire year in your 5th house of fun, love, and creative inspiration.
June 26- Before you celebrate Jupiter’s good luck, you’ll have to deal with Mercury’s retrograde in Cancer for the next 30 days.

Rebuilding and revising your mantra is the key to unlocking control of your personal universe. If you feel dissatisfied with the reality you’re living in, realize that you are totally in charge of the life you live, and you have the power to change your existence, and you can will more positive energy in to your life. The new moon on June 8 will help you realize what your mantra is missing, and you will be singing your new tune at the top of your lungs. There is a shift in the way you present yourself to the universe, with Pluto in your 10th house of career and public image. For most Aries, this transit is lived out in your chosen career field. Amanda Bynes is a famous Aries who is living out this transit right before us, and I imagine all Aries have felt connected with Amanda’s story. Maybe you’re not quite sure what you want your image to be, or as in Amanda’s case, the universe might not be ready to see the new you. This month you will make huge steps towards integrating all aspects of your personality and your reality. It would be helpful to connect with your family, and the people who you know best to get guidance- even if they don’t say exactly what you want to hear, their feedback would help you become more sure of your own vision.

June 2- This month is going to be fun, and exciting but as Venus stays in Cancer from June 2nd onward, you’ll be happy to host friends at home if you don’t have the energy to rage.
June 8- The new moon in Gemini. The way you think and what you say has more impact on reality than you would imagine. A new mantra is all you need to manifest your ultimate reality. #bepositive
June 11- Pluto in your 10th house of public image, fame, and success is changing the way people see you.
June 21- SUMMER SOLSTICE! The sun enters Cancer today.
June 23- The full moon in Capricorn caps off your professional progress in a particular direction, allowing you to move on to new projects.
June 25- Jupiter moves in to Cancer, and you’re happy to stay home and #chill. Conserve your energy, its a precious resource.
June 26- Mercury moves retrograde in Cancer, don’t be hurt if you feel like you can’t get through to family and friends. They’re not ignoring you, they’re just in retrograde.

Taurus is totally the most talented sign of the zodiac, and this month you will be actively engaging and honing the skills you are known for. Don’t be afraid to share your gifts, they’re certain to be considered charming and chill! The new moon in Gemini on June 8 falls in your 2nd house of talents and finances, and it will help you develop new ways of marketing your talents and skills that will bring you financial rewards as well as critical accolades. Planetary action from Mars and Mercury moving through Gemini will support the energy of the new moon and carry it through the month, so you need to continue promoting yourself all month long! Be your own PR guru! Finish all of your important conversations by June 26, because when Mercury goes in to retrograde, it is going to have you extremely tongue-tied until July 20. Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer, so miscommunications are most likely going to revolve around emotional subjects. It can be extremely difficult to make your feelings fit in to comprehensible sentences, so if your inner voice seems to stutter, don’t get too choked up about it.

June 2- Venus moved in to Cancer, putting you in touch with family and old friends this month.
June 8- The new moon in Gemini brings good news about your financial situation.
June 11- New information will change your vision of reality. You think you know, but you have no idea.
June 21- SUMMER SOLSTICE! The sun enters cancer today.
June 23- Traveling around the full moon in Capricorn would be an exciting way to kick off the summer.
June 25- Jupiter moves in to Cancer, and normally taciturn Taurus will be exceptionally chatty!
June 26- Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer, try not to get your tongue-tied, miscommunications are highly likely until July 20.

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