Your April DIStrology Forecast from @Mercuryinmorgan


Batten down the hatches! We’re entering ECLIPSE SEASON!

“Eclipse Season,” for astrologers is what Hurricane season is to meteorologists. Every year we go through a series of eclipses, and depending on how they work with your chart, they will stir up storms in your social life, or drudge up drama at work, but they could also lead to positive events like a marriage proposal or a  promotion. Whatever happens, it’s always dramatic and unpredictable. This season we have three eclipses to look forward to: April 25 in the sign of Scorpio, May 9 in the sign of Taurus, and May 25 in the sign of Sagittarius. Intensified by the presence of Saturn in Scorpio, the eclipses on April 25 and May 9 are going to be serious business. In Taurus and Scorpio, the universe is inviting us to play a game of truth or dare that could reveal your darkest secrets. Taurus is the sign of possessions, talents, and physical comforts and Scorpio is the sign of passion, secrecy, and power. Opposite on the zodiac, they have an intense interaction and connection. Think of this eclipse season like joining the cast of Dynasty for a season, it’s going to be over the top, and you’ll probably be happy that you were written out of the story line come June. Since you know the eclipses are coming now, your best defense is to train your psyche to work with the energetic frequencies of Taurus and Scorpio and body-build your vibes before April 25.


Q: Can Aries calm down? A:Not right now. Venus, Mercury, Mars and the Sun are moving through Aries this month providing an inner radiance that makes you impossible to ignore. Imagine the best spray tan you’ve ever had, and multiply it to the power of ten. The new moon in Aries on April 10 will keep you glowing bright orange, and feeling more confident than ever with your new look. A new moon in your sign is all about Self Actualization, radically reinvent your style, practice speaking in a new accent, and generally channel Madonna. Venus and Mars spice up the first weekend in April and make the 6th and the 7th the ideal dates for romance. If you’re not currently with someone, this would be the best time to be looking for love. Venus in Aries is impulsive and pushy, but fun, the perfect planetary placement for your first round of speed dating. On April 17 Mars will be conjunct the Sun in Aries, providing a serious boost of energy and vigor. The drawback could be a sense of impatience if life isn’t moving at your preferred pace, although I expect your life will be moving at lightning speed. Aries who are born within three days of April 17 will be #blessed with this cosmic B-12 boost all year long. on April 25 an eclipse in Scorpio could create temporary confusion, and it would be best to lay low for a couple of days before and after the 25th. It’s certainly not something you can’t handle, but you don’t want to get caught in the cosmic crossfire.

April 6 Venus joins Mars in Aries making this a totally romantic weekend!
April 10 The new moon in Aries will help you follow the path of self actualization
April 13 Mercury enters Aries giving you the gift of gab.
April 15 Venus enters Taurus, putting your finances in order.
April 17 the Sun joins Mars in Aries making this an exciting and energizing day.
April 21 Sun enters Taurus
April 22 Mars enters Taurus, time to chill out
April 24 Venus and Pluto provide financial rewards for hard work at the office.
April 25 Lunar eclipse in Scorpio, stay out of the cosmic crossfire!


You will be feeling deeply contemplative, with a pack of planets  transiting  your 12th house of Zen, but by mid April, you will re-emerge refreshed and ready for your solar return party. Before you unfurl from the chrysalis, the new moon on April 10 will give you a chance to crystalize the thoughts and feelings you’ve been meditating on. This well of internal clarity will be an invaluable resource when eclipse season begins later in April. On April 15 your ruling planet Venus moves in to Taurus, inviting positive and radiant vibes in to your daily life, and opening your heart chakra just in time for a spring fling. Keeping a rose quartz crystal in your energetic field around this time would be a powerful tool to amplify the Venusian vibes. A lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 25 will blast through your 7th house of partnerships, temporarily putting your love life on shuffle. The chaos of eclipse season will be squarely focused on Taurus this Spring, so get ready to go with the flow. Life might not be as grounded as you’d like, but exciting opportunities could open up if you stay positive and open to change.

April 6 Venus and Mars activate your house of Zen.
April 10 The new moon in Aries is the perfect night for meditation.
April 13 Mercury enters Aries, and introspective thoughts will provide long-term clarity.
April 15 Venus enters Taurus, and you will feel instantly at ease. Venus loves to be in your sign!
April 21 Sun enters Taurus, start your birthday celebrations right away!
April 22 Mars enters Taurus giving you a boost of energy.
April 24 This is an ideal day for a romantic date, and love is clearly on your mind!
April 25 The lunar eclipse in Scorpio could put pressure on existing relationships.


According to Forbes Magazine, some of the essential qualities for building a successful brand are memorability, likeability, transferability, authenticity, simplicity, and adaptability. Consider yourself a corporate entity, and meditate on how your current packaging is being perceived and consumed by your community of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Are you accurately representing your personal brand and meeting your customer expectations? The new moon in Aries on April 10 will help you develop a clear and concise strategy for placing your product on the top shelf in the next quarter. Gemini has a team of planets moving through the 11th house of social activity, so networking will occur naturally this month, and after a long (and boring) winter, going out and making new acquaintances will be a welcome change of pace. Your ruling planet, Mercury, has been in mystical but mystifying Pisces for more than a month, and its move in to Aries on April 13 will clarify confusing communications that have lingered since the retrograde. Mercury in straight-forward Aries will give you a boost of confidence and assurance that will help you tackle the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 25 that could create confusing and chaotic situations at work. Health matters are also indicated for Gemini, and they could have you thinking about adopting a new diet & fitness plan, expanding your collection of vitamins and supplements, or taking a trip to the doctor’s office.

April 6 Venus and Mars make this the ideal weekend to attend a party.
April 10 The new moon in Aries in your social 11th house makes this an ideal time to network and expand your “market.”
April 13 Mercury enters Aries giving you a boost of confidence and mental clarity.
April 15 Venus enters Taurus, time for a spa day. Relaxation is encouraged.
April 17 The Sun joins Mars in Aries ensuring an active social calendar.
April 21 Sun enters Taurus
April 22 Mars enters Taurus, take time off to chill out!
April 24 A thoughtful and inspiring day, thanks to aspects between Venus and Pluto.
April 25 The lunar eclipse in Scorpio will create drastic changes in your daily routine. Health matters could come up.


Do you feel like you’ve been stuck on the same rung of the corporate ladder forever? Maybe you haven’t even started to climb? A trio of planets moving through your 10th house of career will get you in hiking gear this month, with plenty of energy to make it to the top. I’ve been told that dressing for the job you want, not the job you have, will help manifest your ambitions, and I think it’s totally true. You can use the new moon in Aries on April 10 to actualize the sexy and successful self within. If you’ve been meaning to approach your employer about a raise, a promotion, or maybe just basic health insurance, wait until April 13 when Mercury enters Aries, giving you the confidence and clarity you need to broach the subject. By the middle of April, you will have had enough of the daily grind. Initiate group activities during spare time, and you will be the center of your social scene. On April 25 an intense lunar eclipse in Scorpio could reveal a new way to approach aesthetics, providing transcendental creative inspiration. People around you might be taking the eclipse vibes pretty seriously, but you should be able to remain 100% positive!

April 6 Venus joins Mars giving you a boost of career-oriented charisma.
April 10 New moon in Aries promotes you to the next level.
April 13 Mercury enters Aries giving your ambitions definition and clarity.
April 15 Venus enters Taurus, and its time to chill hard with your friends!
April 17 The sun joins Mars in Aries, don’t get frustrated if you haven’t found overnight success
April 21 Sun enters Taurus
April 22 Mars enters Taurus, and all you wanna do is party.
April 25 The lunar eclipse in Scorpio could provide creative inspiration, it might be funky for a moment, but don’t worry about long term trauma.


The sun is your ruling star, and as the days get longer, your spirit will shine brighter with every UV ray you receive. If you’ve been stuck in doors avoiding winter weather, it’s time to break out and plan an adventure. A tropical vacation might seem appealing, but you would need to give it an exciting twist… like try hitch-hiking across the Andes, throw in some drug trafficking, and link-up with a guerrilla army once you get to Belize. If you can’t get to all that and keep your day job, take a visit your local bookstore and take a mental trip. It’s likely you’ll be thinking a lot about the meaning of existence, and pondering some deep philosophical questions. Mars in Aries adds an extra shot to your daily brew until April 22, and this gift from that Starbuck’s in the stars will help you concentrate on the philosophical inquiry you will be conducting. The first of three eclipses this spring takes place on April 25, and its likely to bring your focus back to the ground. Apartment issues are indicated, and if you have been thinking about making a move, Spring is the best time for a fresh start! If you’re happy where you are, use the exciting eclipse energy to refresh your home life.

April 6 Start planning your summer vacation!
April 10 The new moon in Aries is the perfect time to get in to Sartre, Wittgenstein, or Nietzsche.
April 13 Mercury enters Aries, and you continue your philosophical inquiry
April 15 Venus enters Taurus, your boss definitely wants to approve your vacation time.
April 17 She sun joins Mars in Aries, take a trip around this adventurous date!
April 21 Sun enters Taurus
April 22 Mars enters Taurus, driving your career ambitions.
April 25 Lunar eclipse in Scorpio could bring up issues at home. Refresh stale situations.


Your internal dialogue is becoming more of a heated debate, and you prefer a quiet conversation, but just think of it like Bikram for the brain and sweat out all the mental toxins you have built up. Anxiety is a feeling you know all too well, and learning to keep your mind calm and controlled with the power of Zen is a life-long pursuit for a Virgo. You will be able to come to a compromise with yourself on the new moon in Aries on April 10, this will be the perfect time for reflection and introspection. Virgo usually prefers the Victorian, rather than the Tantric approach to sex, but Mars and Venus will come together in your 8th house of transcendent sexuality on the weekend of April 6th and this would be the perfect time to get in tune with your sacral chakra by scheduling a Tantric work shop. The first of three Spring eclipses occurs on April 25, and it falls in your 3rd house, and the powerful energy released on this day will help you openly communicate the ideas you discussed with yourself earlier in the month and it will feel awesome to share!

April 6 Your internal dialogue is heating up this weekend.
April 10 The new moon in Aries is the perfect time to begin your study of Eastern Philosophy
April 13 Mercury enters Aries, and you’ve taken a vow of silence, but you’re still talking to yourself.
April 15 Venus enters Taurus, start saving money for your summer vacation.
April 17 the Sun joins Mars aggressively in Aries, and you will be seeking Tantric release.
April 21 Sun enters Taurus
April 22 Mars enters Taurus, pushing you further towards foreign subjects.
April 25 The lunar eclipse in Scorpio will help you explain your new philosophy to your friends.


You have so much love to share this month. It’s not radiance, it’s radioactivity! If you’re not currently in a romantic relationship, there is definitely the prospect of heart warming experiences on your horizon. April will hold nearly endless opportunities for spending time with friends and loved ones, but there are several dates that radiate the best vibes. Love comes down on the weekend of April 6 when Venus, the planet of love, and energetic Mars meet in your 7th house of relationships. The new moon in Aries on April 10 also falls in your 7th house, and anyone you meet around this date is likely to become a part of your life for more than a moment. on April 17 the Sun will join Mars in Aries, energizing current relationships and pushing new ones forward. Your personal connections are downloading at the highest bandwidth you’ve ever experienced, so make sure you pace yourself and spend time weighing your options before you commit in April. The first lunar eclipse of Spring falls on April 25 in Scorpio, and it could have an impact on your finances that you didn’t expect. If you’re feeling a financial pinch this lunar eclipse will lead you to pursue new projects that employ one of your many talents to increase your income.

April 6 Your ruling planet Venus joins Mars for a romantic weekend.
April 10 The new moon in Aries could plant the seed for a spring fling.
April 13 Mercury enters Aries and all your thoughts are focused on love.
April 15 Venus enters Taurus, and the love you have to share has no words.
April 17 The sun joins Mars in Aries igniting passion in relationships.
April 21 Sun enters Taurus
April 22 Mars enters Taurus, take a moment to relax, and smell the blossoming spring flowers.
April 25 The lunar eclipse in Scorpio could have an effect on your finances.


A powerful lunar eclipse in Scorpio is coming on April 25, and you might begin to feel the vibes as soon as the first week of April. Huge changes are in store for you, even if you can’t imagine what they are quite yet. Use your psychic abilities to do some detective work and see if you can pinpoint what eclipse season has in store for you. Think back to November 13, the date of the last eclipse in Scorpio. Is there something significant that you began around this date? You’re picking up vibrations from mid-November all month long, and it will give you a chance to build on something you didn’t quite finish back then, and I imagine it’s something you’ll be happy to revisit. Mars continues to keep you happily busy at work for the better part of April, but in your 6th house it ensures you still have time to keep up with your new routine at the gym. The new moon in Aries on April 10 is an awesome time to get physically fortified by updating your regimen of vitamins and dietary supplements. Your body will be responsive to new routines that amp up your health, and you will need to be in top form for the coming eclipses.

April 6 Venus joins Mars in Aries, keeping your schedule booked for the next 2 weeks.
April 10 The new moon in Aries refreshes your commitment to physical fitness.
April 13 Mercury enters Aries and your focus at work is commendable.
April 15 Venus enters Taurus giving your love-life a kiss on the cheek.
April 17 The sun joins Mars in Aries, and you might soon need a break from your busy routine.
April 21 Sun enters Taurus
April 22 Mars enters Taurus spicing up your love life.
April 24 Listen for inspiration today
April 25 The lunar eclipse in Scorpio could be an earthquake, but you will recover.


You’re certainly not the kind who falls for sappy, Hallmark style BS when it comes to love. You need someone who can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle, handle your acerbic wit (insensitivity), and match your bottomless desire for fun & adventure. The weekend of April 6 has aspects for X-treme romance, and you could meet a special someone who turns out to be a marathon of fun. If you’ve been thinking of going away for the weekend, this one would include some of the most exciting moments of the month. The new moon in Aries on April 10 continues the romantic trend, and you will be thrilled by new relationship developments. And if you’re totally happy being single, direct the energy of this new moon towards creative projects and you will find the inspiration you’ve been looking for. The first half of April is focused on the pursuit of pleasure, but cosmic events later in the month will turn you towards practical matters. You can use the positive aspect between Venus and Pluto on April 24 to rework your finances and brainstorm new sources of income. There will be a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 25 that questions your personal mantra. Philosophical inquiry is something you probably enjoy, so allow yourself a moment of solitude to consider the meaning of life and stuff like that…

April 6 Romance is predicted. You might meet an exciting & adventurous match.
April 10 Lovers you have in your life around the New moon in Aries are likely to stick around long-term.
April 13 Mercury enters Aries giving you cerebral inspiration.
April 15 Venus enters Taurus, and this would be a good time to consider updating your diet & exercise routine. Spring is already here, but it’s not too late to get in shape!
April 17 The sun joins Mars in Aries continuing to ignite romantic flames.
April 21 Sun enters Taurus
April 22 Mars enters Taurus, and you will have energy to stick to keep up with your new work-out.
April 25 The lunar eclipse in Scorpio requires a moment of silence.


Capricorn rules the 10th house of career and public image, but you’re really much more comfortable chilling out at home than you are on the social circuit, and this month a slew of planets will move through the 4th house (AKA your astrological living room/safe space) stationing on the cusp of your EZ Boy lounge chair. Mars and Venus will spend the weekend of April 6 lounging at home, and this would be the perfect weekend for spring cleaning, gardening, or organizing your closet. If you are feeling social, invite friends over for an intimate dinner party after you finish beautifying your abode. After relaxing for the first half of April, you can look forward to the potential for spring romance after April 15 when Venus moves in to Taurus entering your 5th house of love affairs. Mars moves in to Taurus on April 22, and this will give you a huge boost of energy that you will happily focus on having fun and pursuing creative endeavors. This will seriously not be a serious Spring! On April 25 a lunar eclipse in Scorpio in your 11th house of group activity could push you towards a new group of friends. Be open to making new acquaintances and expanding your friend-group!

April 6 Turn on HGTV and renovate your home
April 10 The new moon in Aries is the perfect excuse to chill out at home.
April 13 Mercury enters Aries, missing the fam? Just give ’em a call!
April 15 Venus enters Taurus and you’ll be inspired to have more fun!
April 17 The Sun joins Mars in Aries and you’ll finish the redecorations you started.
April 21 Sun enters Taurus
April 22 Mars enters Taurus, a spring fling is clearly on the horizon.
April 24 #datenight.
April 25 The lunar eclipse in Scorpio pushes you towards a new group of friends.


If the Aquarian mind were part of a house, it would definitely be the patio because it’s so open. OK that metaphor was kind of weird and silly, but I think you get it. This month you’re bringing out the deck chairs and opening your patio for spring, just in time to for some delightful conversations that will stimulate your brain. The new moon in Aries on April 10 will provide you with a whole new outlook on consuming, processing, and communicating information. You might be in the process of developing or updating a website, publishing a book, or editing a film that will have your brain humming with intellectual activity, and your visionary ideas will help you push forward at lightning speed. It seems like every time you refresh this month, there are dozens of updates, and that’s just the way you like it. The pace will slow down slightly after the sun enters Taurus on April 21, to be joined by Mars on April 22, but there are huge energetic events coming that will keep you electrified. On April 25 a lunar eclipse in Scorpio will fall in your 10th house of career and public image, signaling huge changes in your public standing. You might not get that Nobel Prize nomination you were hoping for, but if you update your Facebook profile picture on April 25, I bet you’ll get over 100 likes

April 6 Write down the visionary ideas you have this weekend. Your mind is totally open. You could change the course of humanity!
April 10 The new moon in Aries suggests you will be working on a monumental publishing/communications project.
April 13 Mercury enters Aries stimulating cerebral activity.
April 15 Venus enters Taurus, you deserve a day of relaxation!
April 17 The Sun joins Mars in Aries and your feed is receiving constant updates.
April 21 Sun enters Taurus
April 22 Mars enters Taurus, concentrate your energy on matters at home.
April 25 The lunar eclipse in Scorpio will focus on your career.


March was definitely not your lucky month, and April is probably going to suck too…. I’m totally just kidding!! April is a million times better than March, as Venus and Mars skip through your 2nd house of financial resources and personal talents. This means that the universe will recognize you for your talents, and give you cold hard ca$$$h for what you love to do. The new moon in Aries on April 10 could provide exciting new sources of income, and if you need to sort out any financial matters, any day on the week of April 10 would be totally ideal. Mercury remains in Pisces until April 13, and this will give you the ability to communicate all of your amazing but wacky ideas, and it will be a welcome relief after last month’s retrograde. Pay attention to your dreams on the night of April 24 because you might find serious inspiration in your sleepy-time visions. There will be a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 25 that will spark your interest in philosophy, theosophy, and theology. Pisces is the sign of faith, and it always feels good to have something powerful to believe in.

April 6 You will realize how much the universe wants to reward you for your cool & unusual talents.
April 10 The new moon in Aries is the best time to brainstorm new sources of income
April 13 Mercury enters Aries and you’re thinking about your finances.
April 17 The sun joins Mars in Aries providing more financial support.
April 21 Sun enters Taurus
April 22 Mars enters Taurus, writing songs or poetry could be a new creative outlet to explore
April 24 This will be a dreamy, romantic day!
April 25 The lunar eclipse in Scorpio will have you thinking about joining a new religion.

Astrology Morgan Rehbock
Photography Christelle de Castro
Graphic design Romina Cenisio
Styling  Morgan Rehbock & Romina Cenisio
Featuring Lizzy Okpo, as Aries 

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