LIKE ART BASEL and BYOB, Friday Dec 2nd

LikeArtBasel opens December 2, 2011 @6pm @ The Workshop 171 NW 23rd St. Miami, FL. 33127. FEATURING Joey Card [20/M/MEXICO] Petra Cortright [25/F/CA] Sterling Crispin [25/M/CA] Nick DeMarco [25/M/NYC] Bea Fremderman [23/F/CHI] Rachel Lord [25/F/LA] Will Neibergall [14/M/AZ] Ryder Ripps [25/M/NYC] Rafael Rozdendaal [31/M/BERLIN] Liz Rywelski [26/F/NYC] Zach Shipko [24/M/SF] Ryan Trecartin [30/M/LA LikeArtBasel is aimed at raising the exposure of Internet and Technology aware art. A group exhibition curated with the belief that art… [read more »]

Keeping up with the Velocity of Trending

In an effort to save you some trolling time I’ve invoked a DIS algorithm to generate topics that are being talked about more right now than they were previously. So, what are the hottest emerging topics captured? #Girlongirl and #highasfuck. Sorry #fellas. Thanks for the heads up VenusX and Chaparrita Candy

Girls on tour!

Girls, Nobunny, Papa, September-October tour 2011, by Christopher Owens Chrissybaby shares a few pages of his video diary. We ♥ Girls, Nobunny, Papa, and the gospel backup singers.


Fade to Mind is a record label and an insane global party. It’s most recent incarnation took place in Los Angeles with a line up that included Kingdom, Nguzunguzu, Total Freedom, Girl Unit, Prince William, BOK BOK, and a Live PA of The Claw (Total Freedom VS. Nguzunguzu VS. Kingdom). I hope FTM had a complementary Street King, 50 Cent’ new 6-hour energy drink, at the door! The Claw sound just as good live as… [read more »]

To Remix a Sure Thing

You can bet that never got to sweat that! Miguel – Sure Thing (Physical Therapy Bootleg) by PHYSICAL THERAPY Need more PHYSICAL THERAPY?

One Dream at a Time

A parade of the best from Walter Van Beirendoncks archive. You’d have to agree the styles are timeless just like the designers maxim “Kiss the future.” Thank you Nick Knight and Simon Foxton! We recommend checking out the detailed images at Showstudio.


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The data was processed by extracting the #londonriots, #ukriots or #riots tags, the #riotcleanup tag and @riotcleanup.   This map shows UK tweets from 15:00 to 22:00 on Tuesday 9 August 2011. The colour code shows whether they contain hashtags relating to the riots, cleanup or whether they are just general tweets. Clicking on the image will take you to the map, where you can read the individual tweets by clicking on the blue points.… [read more »]

Broken Doll

Thank you Holly Norris and Jes Sachse

Watch out, it’s getting warm out.

♫ all the boys think she’s a spazz, she’s got Steve Buscemi eyes ♫

Still Cruising II

Is choque the new cumbia? Read more about Colombia’s “equal opportunity” dance at wayneandwax.

Lillies and lightning bolts And digital denim, That is what boys are made of.

Thanks to Dear Santa With over 2 million views on Youtube, Rebecca Black is the breakout star from Ark Music Factory’s pool of mediocre pop star hopefuls. “We, we, we so excited” for the new era of medium talent. Below is an even slower (pretty) version.

†een Wi†ch has consensually snatched some of the globes best Nicki Minaj fan art and presented in one real life space. It’s also a party, duh. Tonight February 18TH, 2011 #ITSPINKFRIDAYHOE: A Nicki Minaj Tribute Party Performances by: JAJA GALLIANO & PRECIOUS JEWEL! Djs: †EEN WI†CH GHOAST Featuring artwork by: GRACE MICELI, MARK AGUHAR, AARON KOLFAGE, MICHAEL MAGNAN, CODY CRITCHELOE, JUSTIN BOCHEK, CEDRIC FARGUES, HIBA ALI, MIKE GOLDBY, SPIDERELLA CRACKWITCH, POODLE PERRY, CALLA DONOFRIO, ADRIAN… [read more »]

New York and Los Angeles will be paralyzed after tonight. Our favorite DJ’s have decided to assault both coasts, making today a BI Friday. Come out, it’s a celebration every time we link up! NEW YORK KUSHTI KUTZ ICEBERG VENUS X (GHE20 GOTHIK) PROFESSOR DJ RAINSTICK (COOL PLACES SOUNDSYSTEM) AZIZAMAN (KUSHTI KUTZ) @ZEBULON 258 Wythe Ave. @ Metropolitan Brooklyn, NY –––––––––– ♀♂ –––––––––– LOS ANGELES MP3: Automatik / Jim Jones – Go Cinderella (Kingdom Edit… [read more »]