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Wear 2 Bed

What kind of sheets do you have on your bed, and what do they say about you? You locate different aspects of your identity in bed. The bed is at once a place of rest and solitude, as well as a social space. It serves as the setting for both isolation and intimacy. The bed is a designated space for desire’s conception (dreams and fantasies) as well as fulfillment (fucking). Your bedsheets are an advertisement… [read more »]

Sunday, November 28th is the exclusive kickoff/fundraiser for the 2011 release of one of the most anticipated lesbian films, SHAKEDOWN, directed by Leilah Weinraub. Come preview the film and drink Champagne. All proceeds will go directly to the completion of the film. GALLERY BAR 120 ORCHARD ST AT DELANCEY ST DOORS OPEN@ 9PM SHARP

*and listen

RAF SIMONS SS 2011 / stills from ASHADEDVIEW

Play and repeat. Learn from the children (on mute). Grab your ►◚◚◚◚◚◚◚◚◚◚◚◚◚◚ #vuvuzela and bounce over to Ghe2o Gothik tonight. Special LA guests and sickening resident DJ’s (not to be missed).

Feels like 94° F and it’s as if A.I. has tapped into my banks and cooked up this mighty dub.  Listen at maximum volume.

The DIS Spring Trends are about options and solutions. NEW STYLE OPTIONS. Here are some looks for those that are disenchanted with cisgendered trends for spring.

Norman McLaren, ‘poet of animation’ and Canada’s most celebrated filmmaker, is known mostly for his animations like DOTS, an experimental film in which both sound and visuals are created entirely by drawing directly upon film with pen and ink. Then in SPHERES, an airy dance of translucent pearls group, regroup and collide to the musical cadences of Bach, played by pianist Glenn Gould. My pick from the artist’s canon is this remix of Norman McLaren’s… [read more »]

Hoop Dreams