Where are the female networks in the art world?


If the art world isn’t talking about it, Anicka Yi wants to bring it up! Her new podcast Lonely Samurai is a space to rekindle dialogue around contemporary social, economic and art world issues. In the inaugural episodes she talks to a range of prominent thinkers –from practicing artists and art collectors, to a master perfumer, to an intellectual property lawyer– and everyone brings a different P.O.V.

In What Was Collaboration, the first episode of the three part series, Anicka looks at female networks in the contemporary art world…or lack thereof. Along with gallerist Stefania Bortolami, collector Cristina Delgado, Sculpture Center curator Ruba Katrib, critic Andrew Russeth, and artist Amy Sillman, she questions the acknowledged and unacknowledged biases in the art world, the definition of success, and girl on girl competition –is it going to bring me down to help her succeed?

Recorded on May 31, 2014 at Chapter Gallery, NYC.

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