INFRA_SPECTION Residency Program




Are you up on your #stacktivism? Do you belong somewhere along the intersections of art, technology, and sustainability? Then SPACE is opening its doors to you and all other emerging artists and creative technologists! Applications are now open for five residencies in their dedicated studio at the White Building, Hackney Wick.


Thematic: #stacktivism is a term that draws a critical line of inquiry around infrastructures and our relationships to them. If you aren’t already participating in the ongoing and active debates around #stacktivism with other theorists, economists and artists, now’s the time! The INFRA_SPECTION residency acknowledges an accelerated multiplication of post-internet discourses and allows prospective artists to directly shape and engage with #stacktivism as a catalyst for their practice in the face of a morphing technological landscape.

The residencies will generate a program of events and critical debate around how creative practices are positioned within contemporary culture. For more info and instructions to apply, click here.

Deadline: Friday 25th April 5pm


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