WWWorld Click | After Affects

Good morning and wwwelcome to the first installment of WWWorld Click, where I’ll report on the vagaries of online behavior, bravely click through links of spurious interest, and act as internet interlocutor in the meta-minstrelsy of logged-on linguistics.

First up, for those of us—and we are legion—who can muster neither the effort to visit much-talked-about exhibitions nor the guilt for having missed them, a poem by esteemed writer and Rhizome staffer Brian Droitcour:

And here, an audio field report from the grave of composer Sergei Rachmaninoff by former DIS intern and current editor of men’s magazine Sense Europa, Erik Stinson, who himself has quite large hands (you know what that means: awkward keyboard shortcuts).

If you missed Fatima Al Qadiri’s Genre-Specific Xperience launch at the New Museum last month, here’s a condensed preview of all five videos premiered there.

Lastly, refreshing developments in contemporary artworks:

From Urs Fischer’s dngszjkdufiy bgxfjkglijkhtr kydjkhgdghjkd at Gavin Brown

From Dennis Goodwin’s “Works in Progress,” fall 2011

Room B6: refresh_forum at Ryan Trecartin’s #hi11. December 31, 2010.

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