Our Favorite Fringe Candidate

ELECTION DAY IS TODAY, November 2nd and DIS would like to make a last minute endorsement for our favorite fringe candidate, Kristin Davis. The era of the celebrity politician is upon us. In the future the only thing that counts in an election is who’s on US Weekly, Dancing With The Stars and The Apprentice. Elections will come down not to what party a candidate belongs to, but which one is better looking and who’s funniest.

MANHATTAN MADAM KRISTIN DAVIS is running for governor of New York. For anyone who is not familiar, Davis spent four months in Rikers Island prison after being convicted for promoting prostitution while former Governor Eliot Spitzer or Client #9 walked away without any charges filed against him. As governor, Davis says she would legalize gay marriage, marijuana, prostitution, gambling and other victimless crimes. We can only hope that she has enough dirt on enough politicians that she can really make a change!

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