Dieci Regioni di Inferno
The “Bra” in “Bravery”
Soft Negotiations

Last week we brought you Photo 101: The Death of the Photographer. This week we present a series of photos of Adidas socks taken in a private backyard in California from an anonymous eBay’er. This may be confounding, important, or banal but it resonates with us. Photography is not dead, rather at a crossroads and eBay is one of the unlikely places that it is flourishing.

Digitalunderrated.com collects amateur photographs from a Switzerland based internet auction website (like eBay). The lifetime of these photos are usually 7 days or until the auction expires. After that, they disappear from public view. Digitalunderrated shows the quality and curious nature of these pictures. Below is a selection of favorites from Digitalunderrated’s founder. Half-naked women in matching lace top and bottom, holding her hand up to the wall.

Bad Painting

Carles Congost (Olot, Girona, Spain 1970) lives and works in Barcelona. For more information check out our Discover blog.

Extreme Lengths and Emerging Adulthood

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Nose Job