Do-Over Devine

DIS is pleased to announce that Lauren Devine, star of HOOPER PLACE and sensory style aesthete-about-town, is now accepting applicants for an artist’s residency IN HER HAIR.

One winner will be chosen via judging panel, and will subsequently be given the opportunity to create a 24-hour installation in, around, and entwined in Lauren’s infamous mane. The installation in action will be displayed LIVE upon its living, breathing, swearing hostess at a prominent and well-attended event during New York City fashion week. The chosen artist will accompany Ms. Devine to this event as her date, so that the artist can accept congratulations and explain the intent and process behind the artist’s work.

To be considered for the hair residency, applicants must submit a 140-character thesis statement (that is tweet-sized) accompanied by an illustrative photo, drawing, collage, video, or CG image that best conveys the desired direction and final effect of your proposed installation. Facial accessories are welcome and encouraged, but are declared optional at the discretion of Ms. Devine and will not factor in the judges’ decision. Installations may extend past the 24-hour time frame in a semi-permanent fashion, depending upon the severity and complexity of the composition, to be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Please send all applications to by no later than August 31st, 2010.

If you’d like a template, take this image, in which we’ve rendered Lauren somewhat bald:

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