Doctor-Recommended: Poop

According to the U.S. Public Health Service, Clostridium difficile can cause painful cramps, high fever, severe swelling of the bowel, colonic bleeding — basically, explosive diarrhea.

But now there’s a solution!

Doo-doo transplants, aka fecal bacteriotherapy, puts the “ex” in excrement through a peer-to-peer poop therapy procedure that may remind you of Human Centipede but without the maniacal nazi doctor. Provided with the choice between two methods of administration — a fine tube threaded through the nose and into the gut, or an enema-like shitpump — the patient counterbalances bad poop with good poop. The rationale is commonsensical and in fact dates over a millennium ago, with an ancient Chinese concoction known as Yellow Soup.

Spread the all-natural love with fecal bacteriotherapy!

UPDATE: If you’re seriously interested and want to learn more from someone who really “knows his shit”, listen to this guy:

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