DISown Radio: Cobain In A Coma w/ Ariel Pink and Genesis P-Orridge

Ariel Pink and Genesis P-Orridge joined us in the DISown Radio booth for a revived edition of Cobain In A Coma, a diaristic music blog and brutally uncensored radio show that ran out of San Francisco’s Western Addition Radio station between 2006 and 2008. DISown Radio might be over, but you can now listen to the show in full below!

Hosted by Patrik Sandberg and Liza Thorn, the show began as a joke, in that the DJs would upset the delicate sensibilities of the local independent rock community by playing Britney Spears on what was widely viewed as a sacred punk radio platform, while unabashedly mocking the people they disliked.

During their tenure at the station, Patrik and Liza’s Cobain In A Coma broke station records by being the #1 most downloaded program every week for two years without interruption. Guests and performers on the show included Ariel Pink, The Black Lips, Girl Talk, Holy Shit and many more.

Photos and videos from the final revived edition at #DISown below!

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