It’s a #NEWYEAR & a #NEWMOON, so get your #NEWLIFE


2014 is here, and NOTHING will be the same. We start the year off with a New Moon in Capricorn, perfect for manifesting New Year’s resolutions. Keep your intentions #positive! Before I talk about the personal impact the planets will have on each sign in 2014, I’m going to give you a rundown of how the cosmic vibes will effect the universe at large.

Scroll down and I’ll guide you through the year ahead…


Venus & Mars will do what they want with your body

The year begins with our Third Eye blindly focusing on the topic of Love as Mars and Venus will both go through periods of retrograde.

Venus, the planet of the pleasure principle retrogrades through the cool and reserved sign of Capricorn until January 31, and practical, real connections with trustworthy companions are what we seek during this period of flux. It is time to cut the digital divas out of your social network, and start living off the screen. Love commitments will be made (and broken) around January 31, when Venus turns direct. However, under the influence of calculated Capricorn, our feet will be planted firmly on the ground while we make big decisions.

We may all have been emboldened by watching Miley Cyrus’ transformation unfold, but while Venus is in retrograde it’s not a good time to make any personal style adjustments or take any hair adventures. Put those thoughts on pause until April when creative energy turns up.


Mars, the planet of passion and sensuality has chosen Libra as its favorite filter for the first half of 2014, and we will all be thirsty for followers while Mars is in the sign of relationships.

Mars takes a moment to retrograde every 2 years, and gives us time to rethink our plan of action. Mars enters retrograde on March 1, and won’t turn direct until May. Mars will disrupt our flow of chi during this time, and like a wind chime in a storm, we will seek to regain balance and a harmonious rhythm. It’s about planning  so that you can enjoy the whole week and not always living for the weekend. While Mars moves through the sensitive sign of Libra, we will be especially intolerant of disagreement and conflict, and the approval of others will become more important. It would be unwise to begin conflict or confrontation during this period, because Mars will not stand behind your action. We can expect global hotspots of geopolitical dispute to be extremely contentious during Mars’ retrograde. But with Mars in the diplomatic sign of Libra, tact and delicacy in these situations are extremely important. This period of retrograde should be used as a time to solve conflict and engender peace and love.

Saturn Continues to be Serious in Scorpio


Saturn remains in the deeply feeling sign of Scorpio until December 23 when it will enter Sagittarius for an uncharacteristically adventurous romp in the sign of the archer. At this time, those who are born between 1985 & 1988 will begin to feel the Saturn return. The Saturn in Sagittarius generation are spiritual gypsies, and many of these people will choose to move abroad or take an extended trip during Saturn’s three year trip through Sagittarius.

Saturn will retrograde in Scorpio March to July causing us to revise many of the long term plans and commitments we have made during this time of intensity. To those who are fixated on specific goals, this may be disruptive, but for those who are unsure of the future, this will be a chance to explore an alternative course without the pressure of commitment.

This year we have four eclipses, that will link your consciousness to totally unexpected realities in the cosmic darknet.

On April 15, an eclipse in Libra will shine the emotional light of the moon on the relationships we value most. This eclipse will have the most profound effect on the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, revealing who your cosmic companions truly are. The new turn might be unexpected, but it will be a positive shift.

On April 29, an eclipse in the grounded sign of Taurus will cause cosmic quakes. Falling on the super powered new moon in Taurus, this eclipse will be a powerful time to cast spells and manifest goals. On this new moon, there may be a shift in your material situation. Recycle the past and make room for an abundant future. The universe is a short-term sublet you found on craigslist and it is only possible to rent the space you occupy for so long.

On October 8, an eclipse in Aries will bring about changes in our cultural power structure. Falling at 15 degrees Aries/Libra, this eclipse will be square to the Cancer sun of the United States. We can expect an exciting political debate from this eclipse until December 14 when the second to last Uranus – Pluto Square makes its international edit.

On October 23, an eclipse in Scorpio, conjunct Venus the planet of creativity will provide a bolt of inspiration that artists and designers should stay tuned for. This eclipse will bring about innovative ideas and creative solutions for situations that you thought were design disasters. It will also be the release date for many exciting projects that have been in the works. Expect your favorite fall magazines to be totally packed!

Jupiter takes a Summer vacation, and returns for a wildfire of Positive Vibes this Fall

If you command the shift this Spring, Summer and fall promise to be all caps AWESOME! Jupiter, the planet of good luck and fun, enters Leo on July 16, a planetary party promotion that promises summer bliss and encourages travel to exotic destinations. Shout out to all the Leos out there, this will be a whole year of good luck and positive vibes. Jupiter will not grace you with this gift again for 12 years, so enjoy your moment in the sun! Jupiter will love his trip through the adventurous sign of Leo, and will give each sign of the Zodiac a special souvenir from his travels. On September 13, Mars enters Sagittarius invigorating the whole zodiac with a B-12 boost of enthusiastic energy. Throughout October and early November, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus form a grand trine in the signs of fire, lighting up the sky with a wildfire of positive vibes that will be impossible to contain. This enthusiastic trio of planets will fuel us to expand our consciousness and enter new levels of human evolution. Opportunities offered during this time should be explored and accepted, a lucky moment like this is seriously #rare!

the Uranus Pluto Square: A Shift in Political Consciousness

Between 1962 to 1968, radical Uranus joined transformative and powerful Pluto in the sign of Virgo, revolutionizing cultural norms and awakening consciousness to new modes of thought that inspired a “new age”  of intentional living and political action. Over the course of 45 years, Pluto and Uranus have shifted in to a new configuration, putting us in the midst of a series of 7 powerful squares between the two planets that test the progress we have made on the path towards universal enlightenment. The dreams of a utopian reality that were born during the flower power generation are being tested. It’s no coincidence that abortion became an issue in Texas this year, and that the historic Voting Rights act of 1965 was overturned. The planets will turn back progress if we don’t stand up to the test. We all need to #standwithwendy this year, because Uranus, planet of technological connection, will give our voices power through online campaigns and social media outlets. The Uranus – Pluto square asks us to come together in an attempt to get real about the problems of the planet, and the chances are in our favor if we can connect and communicate about our dreams for a better future. The shift in consciousness that happened in 2012 is a real thing, but we might have to help a few beings turn up their cosmic radar.


2013 was a year of transformation for many Aries, something we could all follow through Amanda Bynes traumatic twitter meltdown as well as the numerous incarnations of Lady Gaga’s comeback. Much like these famous Aries, you may have struggled to keep the look cohesive, but some stunning aspects in 2014 will help you pull it all together while maintaining the eclectic flair you’re currently feeling. Your ruling planet, Mars begins the year in Libra, aspecting your softer side and putting your focus on giving and receiving love from another. An eclipse in Libra on April 15 will summarize your feelings this spring, and you may find yourself in the midst of a relationship situation you need to edit. On October 8, a lunar eclipse in Aries will bring drastic changes to your outlook on the universe, but I think you will stay positive thanks to the grand trine in fire keeping you open to new options.


Everyone knows Taurus is the most down to earth (DTE) sign of the zodiac, but in 2014 you will need to be down to try (DTT), because the planets will be pushing you in new directions, especially when it comes to relationships. Saturn in Scorpio had been transiting your 7th house of relationships for the past year and a half, causing you to seek the Tinder loving care that you deserve. This trend will continue until December 2014 when Saturn enters Sagittarius, getting you ready to make a commitment. Two eclipses this year will have a huge impact on your life, on April 29 an eclipse in Taurus will reveal a new path if you feel stuck in a boring or worn out situation. On October 23 and eclipse in Scorpio conjunct your ruling planet Venus will be a major moment for love this year. This dark moon night shines brightly on your love life as its good vibes will carry clear through to 2015.


Gemini the multi-dimensional multi-tasker of the Zodiac, is constantly being distracted by Mercury’s many retrogrades. This year, Mercury will retrograde three times in a pattern that flows first through a water sign, but resurfacing in the preceding air sign. on February 6, Mercury will enter a retrograde in Pisces, coming out in Aquarius on February 28. This retrograde will scramble your psychic radar, sending you inspiration through dreams and cosmic symbols. On June 7 Mercury will enter retrograde in Cancer, resurfacing in Gemini on July 1. This retrograde will be the most intense of the year for you, and will have you thinking a lot about your true feelings. Don’t hold back! On October 4 Mercury will enter retrograde in Scorpio, exiting in Libra on October 25. During this time your commitments will be tested. I imagine this Summer and  Fall will be a wonderful time for love, because Jupiter in the playful sign of Leo will travel through your 5th house of dating apps, adventure and magical romance.


Jupiter continues to grace you with awesome vibes for the first half of 2014. In fact, this spring will be one of the most magical moments for manifestation that you will have in the next 10 years! The aspects have #never #been this #trill for #Cancer! The new moon in Capricorn on New Year’s Day falls in your 7th house of relationships. Serfbort your way in to the year with a resolution regarding partnership. You will explore the themes of love and affection much further this spring when planetary forces put pressure on current relationships, and possibly introduce new ones. Jupiter, the planet of expansion will oppose Pluto, the planet of melodramatic endings on January 31 (2013) and April 20 (2014) which could create trouble in paradise. Remember, even Beyonce and Jay-Z probably have fights. Don’t let drama kill your vibe.


You’re so LUCKY! You’re a STAR! In July 2014, Jupiter enters Leo, for a year long joyride that will provide you with ample opportunities for fun and excitement. The first half of 2014 will be cute, but I think you should really look forward to the Summer and Fall. Saturn and Mars will be retrograde from March until July, so you should use this time to catch up on work projects and make plans for the future. It would be best to avoid launching significant new endeavors during this time, but you will be extremely productive if you are building on something that already exists. If you get all of your work done on time, plan on catching the first party bus out of town on August 11 when Jupiter enters your sign. You probably won’t be back for a whole year, and I wouldn’t blame you! Enjoy your moment in the sun!


Inherently grounded in Earth, you are easily distracted by all the details that your ruling planet Mercury is constantly communicating. This year, Mercury retrogrades three times, flowing between water and air each time. This combination of water and air will focus your thoughts on your feelings, which will help you open up to new energy. Mercury’s retrogrades are a constant force, so I prefer to think of them as a positive time, when you can do lots of research, introspection, and reflection rather than a time of confusion and dismay (which they can sometimes become). The dates Mercury will be retrograde in 2014 are: February 6- February 28, June 7 – July 1, & October 4 – October 25.


2014 begins with Mars in Libra, a much needed B-12 shot that boosts your energy in preparation for all the activities you have planned this spring. Unfortunately, your ruling planet Venus will be in retrograde until January 31, so you will need the extra help from Mars to help your immune system recuperate in time to support all the activities you have planned in the future. Under Mars influence you will be extremely busy and your social calendar will be popping off for the first half of the year, but the drawback of the cosmic energy the planets have focused on you is that you will be easily agitated if you feel things aren’t happening fast enough. In April an eclipse in Libra that will drastically effect your universe, pushing things forward if you do feel stuck. . Later on in October, another eclipse in Aries falling in your 7th house of relationships will highlight the love that you are/aren’t receiving, and will guide you in a decision you have to make about this love situation.


When Saturn entered Scorpio in 2012, it knocked you down to the bottom, but in 2014 you’re finally almost “here.” You’ve worked hard while Saturn has been in Scorpio, and this year it will really start to show off. The financial rewards you’ve been hoping for will finally start appearing especially as the year ends and Saturn shifts in to Sagittarius. Don’t get frustrated if your meteoric rise to the top isn’t as legendary as famous Scorpio Drake’s, Saturn will be retrograde from March to July, and during this time you will need to reconfigure your life-hacks in order to keep things cute.


Always playful and suggestive, your sign will be on fire in the fall of 2014. I’m cautioning all the fire signs, but I really think your enthusiasm will be contagious when Mars enters Sagittarius on September 14. Throughout October and early November Mars will form a grand trine in fire with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo, that will make your positive intentions 100% unstoppable. Use the first half of 2014 to work hard and make plans for the future. While Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio from March to July you have work to do behind the scenes. When Jupiter enters Leo on August 11 you will begin to feel the wildfire of positive energy that will grow to epic proportions in the Fall.


Your first cosmic gift in 2014 is a powerful new moon on New Year’s Day that helps you start the year totally refreshed. The new moon in your sign gives you a powerful chance to manifest your goals for the year ahead, so I hope you have a lot of positive resolutions! I’m sure you’ve been feeling introspective while Venus has been retrograde in Capricorn. This period of value reassessment lasts until January 31, and will make way for a few very cute moments for you in the first two weeks of February. For the first half of 2014 you have Jupiter in Cancer transiting your 7th house of love and partnership, so romantic opportunities will be abundant and exciting. Transformative Pluto is in Capricorn giving you power, and it will make a significant aspect with expansive Jupiter on April 20 that could reveal a new path for love and relationships.


We are living in the age of Aquarius, something you are psychically aware of, but maybe the universe hasn’t fully realized yet… This year, consciousness will continue to shift in your favor. The year begins with Venus in retrograde in Capricorn, a planetary placement that activates your dream world and your psychic impulses strongly until January 31. The first half of the year might feel like its moving slowly, especially in February when Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius from the 13th until the 28th. This could be a momentarily scrambling influence, but I think you can hold it together. Saturn and Mars are retrograde from March until July, which will help you hone your focus hard on the projects you started last year. Everything should be wrapped up by August 20 when Jupiter enters Leo. This planetary placement will be an X-Tra fun upgrade that effects your romantic life in very positive ways for the latter half of 2014 and rolls over in to 2015.


Your ruling planet Neptune moved in to Pisces in 2012, and the effects for you are so vast that they are still yet to be fully actualized, but this year you will see a serious shift in your favor. Pisces celebrities like Rihanna and Justin Bieber act like avatars, vessels through which we can watch the energy of Neptune flow. Neptune in Pisces has propelled RiRi towards meteoric stardom over the past two years, while Justin Bieber, in his recent retirement, reveals the path towards disappearance that Neptune often encourages. This year you will live out your Neptune story, and whatever path you take will be a journey of self discovery that you enjoy on a spiritual level. Watch out when Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces on February 8, this could result in some extremely delusional moments, but I don’t think the confusion will last long.


Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 7.25.32 PM

Astrology IRL 2014, your complete guide to the cosmic events of 2014 can be purchased at Opening Ceremony, Vfiles, and here on Etsy.

Astrology IRL was photographed by Christine Hahn and styled by Morgan Rehbock


Emily Gruca as Aries wearing Air Jordan and vintage novelty track pants
Alexandra Marzella as Taurus wearing Lou Dallas XXL sweater
Mark Hsu as Gemini wearing his own clothing
Ruth Gruca as Cancer wearing Beentrill hat and tee shirt with vintage camouflage jeans
Romina Cenisio as Leo wearing a vintage Chinoiserie look
Eileen Moran (right) as Virgo wearing Eckhaus Latta
Raul de Nieves with Cody Critcheloe as Libra wearing vintage wedding dress & Alexander McQueen suit
Raul Lopez as Scorpio wearing Luar Zepol
Janiva Ellis and Mike Eckhaus as Sagittarius wearing Eckhaus Latta tops with their own bottoms
Leilah Weinraub as Capricorn wearing Hood By Air
Ryan Trecartin as Aquarius wearing his own clothing
Raffaella Hanley as Pisces wearing Lou Dallas XXL

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