Physical Therapy — I Did

Video edit: Steven Grisé

Physical Therapy returns with a twisted demonic vendetta against the mysterious murders of our artistic idols. Hovering over the stomping hypnosis of the beat, we hear a hauntingly detuned vocal — presumably the producer’s own — moaning the names of the deceased, as if to conjure up their ghosts at the very center of the dance floor. The scary cracks and pingpong pops play with our sanity as the club increasingly resembles a spine-chilling seance. As the mind-numbing monologue persists in its perverse fixation on morbidity, the listener discovers that the acts of mourning, in the end, are inseparable from the murders themselves — “I Did.” Right when we least expected it, Physical Therapy came through with what will easily be remembered as this year’s hardest Halloween banger.

Have a listen to PT’s brand new EP, “Yes, I’m Elastic” on Fifth Wall — from which “I Did” is taken.

Illustration by Gobby

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