Brokencyde Youth

DIS friend and contributor Travis Egedy, aka Pictureplane, has submitted a portfolio of street style images for your review, of “BROKENCYDE Youth”. Taken in line outside a concert for the MySpace electro-screamo-glam-crunk group Brokencyde (with special guest Jeffree Starr) in Denver, CO., the images feature original looks from some very expressive teens-on-CRUNK!!! For Spring, these all-American youngsters with an edge are favoring asymmetrical bangs, “technicolor wookie legwarmers”, hair bows, and neon stripes. Abandoning the high street for the e-store, a BROKENCYDE “Crunk Kids” t-shirt, or even a bedazzled keychain for the thrifty consumer, can add a splash of fun to your daytime closet staples. Some highlights from the complete gallery, after the jump.

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