DIS week: Isn’t It Lonely at the Top?



A 2013 Self Portrait: @MRPIMPGOODGAME takes the selfie game to the next. fucking. level. Beautiful? Terrifying? Moving? Genius? You can decide.


RIP iOS6: If you don’t live under a rock, you should already know that the iOS7 update was released Wednesday afternoon. While most people are complaining about the crazy long download times, we’ve found that 12 hours is the perfect amount of time to build our new ‘blocked contacts’ list – byeeeeee.


H8rs gonna H8: A bunch of America-lovin’ racists are angry that the newly-crowned Miss America, Nina Davuluri, is Indian-American. Miss America, however, really couldn’t give a flying f*ck. In the spirit of Glen Coco, you go girl.


Total Freedom: Marques Almeida’s is quite possibly the show of the week! The experimental denim tube top goes day to evening. It’s festival wear for the elegant new age traveler and her teenage daughter.

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