FaceValue | Simone Niquille

It happened overnight: Tagging pictures on Facebook went from an active pass time to a passive task of accepting the ‘Book’s recommendations. Facebook now scans faces in photos automatically, proactively asking you who to tag, and has transformed the once optional act of tagging into an ongoing process of crowdsourced data mining. Ubiquitous facial recognition is here, and it has permanently changed the way we can interact with technology: Faces increasingly become a commodity.

So suggests Simone Niquille’s thesis at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, FaceValue, an exploration into the history and implications of the human face as an interface, and its new value in the advent of facial recognition technology.

REALFACE Glamouflage

REALFACE Glamouflage is a collection of TShirts designed to dazzle facial recognition software. The Shirt’s pattern is made up of celebrity impersonators and Facebay PowerFaces™.

Facebay, New Face Options

facebay_adFacebay is a Library of New Face Options, search by tag, download an existing face, or upload and manipulate your own. Facebay PowerFaces™ are the girls ‘Britt’ & ‘Laura’. Both faces frequently used in pop up ad’s, fake Twitter & Facebook profiles, their real identity hidden by the online exploitation of their face. Piracy as Privacy.

FaceValue Accessory Proposals

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