Get your Astrological Forecast, and Attune your Vibrations to the New Moon in Pisces 2NITE!

A message for the whole Zodiac about the new moon in Pisces :

The new moon in Pisces today is the perfect occasion to space out, sleep, get high, and totally retreat from reality. But while you do that, spend some time dreaming of what you want to accomplish in the next lunar cycle. This new moon can be used to enrich your emotional life and connect with your true feelings. Deal with all those weird thoughts that have been totally bugging you, and perform the psychic surgery you’ve been meaning to schedule. Write down a list of your desires focusing on your feelings, burn the list with a cosmic flame, then release the ashes into the universe and manifest the mantra you’ve developed. I promise this ritual will make you feel better!

Dates to remember for the rest of the month:

March 11 New moon in Pisces!
March 12 Mars shifts from Pisces to Aries, beginning a cosmic trend that amps up energy levels.
March 17 Mercury is finally out of retrograde! Wait 5 more days for full recovery.
March 20 The Sun enters Aries marking the astrological new year!
March 22 Mars and Uranus come together making this an explosive day. Keep calm and cool if you can.
March 27 Full moon in Libra will be a deep tissue massage releasing knots in your life. Some signs should expect to feel sore for a few days after (Aries, Libra, Pisces & Gemini).


Mercury is still retrograde in your sign, and this is perhaps the one and only fact you are likely to be certain of at the moment. If you feel like life is on spin cycle right now, things are going to be tumbled dry this week as the new moon in Pisces clears up the wrinkles that have been getting in your way. Going through a Mercury retrograde can be like digging through a cosmic lost and found. Often we come out lost, confused, and disappointed, but sometimes we find things we lost last retrograde, or people from our past come back to clear up unfinished business. Use this time to put to rest past-life retrograde issues and reconnect with people you want to welcome back into your life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the cosmic energy focused on your sign (Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Sun are all in Pisces) you don’t have much time to wait until the stress dissipates. Mars shifts into Aries on Tuesday, and this begins the transition towards the next cycle.


Your ruling planet Mars has a 2 year cycle through the zodiac, and this month it returns to Aries for total energetic refreshment. Mars rules your level of passion and energy, and your moods fluctuate as it moves through the signs. March 12 will be a major dose of Martian Maca that will change your mind about renewable energy. Aries is trending, as Venus, Mercury, and the Sun will follow Mars as the month goes on. This puts you in the cosmic spotlight exactly where you belong. Reserve the influx of energy to deal with outages that occur due to the full moon on March 27. This full moon will be a deep tissue massage that releases all the knots in your life, but it’s definitely going to leave you feeling sore for a few days. Love life issues are likely to be the focal point on March 27.


The new moon today, March 11, highlights your ever expanding friend-scape. Your popularity is totally on the rise and you’re clearly the hottest it boy/girl on the scene right now, but you need to hone your social maneuvering to ensure that you end up associating with the right crowd. At heart you’ll always be chill not trill, and you need to make sure your new friends share your true values. Mars shifts into Aries on March 12, beginning a cosmic trend that Venus, Mercury, and the Sun are soon to follow. Aries amps up energy levels, but the focus of your energy will shift from the external world to the internal. It’s time to assess your psychic needs and forget about material concerns for a while. You will be feeling body-con(scious) as the full moon on March 27 approaches. Change habits that inhibit your health, and alter your approach to exercise to achieve full-body fitness.


Mercury’s retrograde has been confusing for career minded Gemini, but if you continue to have faith and go with the flow unexpected events could open exciting pathways towards success. The facts in front of you might be frustratingly unclear, but Mercury is in Pisces and this gives you a boost of intuition that will guide you in the right direction. Trust your instincts. The new moon in Pisces today falls in your 10th house of career, and this week you may learn the secret to success. On March 12, Mars shifts in to Aries sparking a cosmic trend that will make the rest of March and the beginning of April a seriously social time for Gemini. Forget about work and focus on friends. Look forward to March 22 for an explosively fun night. The full moon on March 27 falls in your 5th house of adventures and love affairs, and it’s safe to bet that you will have an exciting encounter between March 25 to March 31.


The new moon in Pisces today gives the whole week ahead a mystical energy that unlocks mysteries you’ve been trying to solve. Since Mercury’s retrograde began, you haven’t had enough bandwidth to download essential information the universe wants to share with you, but your consciousness is about to receive a complete upgrade. Your new level of functionality will allow for greater success on the plane of career, if this is something that you seek, and I imagine it will be as Venus, Mercury, and the sun follow Mars in to your 10th house of corporate rewards. Don’t let the full moon on March 27 stress you out. There will be a heavy line-up of planets asking you to be responsible at work, when all you really want to do is chill out at home. Make sure the job is done before you retire to the eternal lounge chair.


Did you feel like you entered a non-linear time zone the moment Mercury went in to retrograde? The past three weeks have been a trip through a dark dream world, a place where time doesn’t really exist. You’re about to get back to reality. Mercury comes out of retrograde on March 17, and Mars moves in to Aries March 12, providing a huge boost of energy that brings you back to situation normal. Mars will light your fire through the rest of the retrograde and beyond, turning your mind towards travel and adventure. Think about planning a trip now for the beginning of April, an inspirational journey is just what you need. The full moon on March 27 has aspects that could create tension, so avoid miscommunications of all kinds by keeping things clear and concise.


For better or for worse, romance and partnership have been your singular focus for the past month. Since Mercury went in to retrograde in February, it has been hard to get a straight answer out of friends and luvrs, but as long as you keep things light and loose like a silk shirt in spring, communication can still be a breeze. Mercury moves direct on March 17, and that’s only 5 days away! The new moon in Pisces today (March 11) has incredibly positive romantic aspects for Virgo, and it could reveal a potential match you previously overlooked. The new moon vibes will be strong for the next 5 days, so keep your heart chakra open all week long. I know this sounds lame, but taxes are coming up and Virgo is going to have a line-up of planets in the 8th house of debt and destitution, so you have to make sure your taxes are filed correctly and your bills are paid on time. The positive expression of Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus occupying your 8th house could come in the form of unexpected or long overdue income flowing your way. Pay special attention to your finances around March 22 when Mars and Uranus come together in Aries bringing unexpected surprises to the surface.


The new moon in Pisces today has you feeling body conscious, and its totally possible to make the physical transformation you’ve been dreaming of. Starting a new routine of diet or fitness this week is certain to have stunning results. If there are health matters that have been bugging you, consult an expert in herbal healing or schedule an appointment for acupuncture or massage therapy. Don’t be afraid to self-diagnose because you are highly in tune with your body this week. Alternative health and medicine are the way to go! Love and affection are always on a Libra’s mind, but they will be at the forefront of your consciousness when Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun join Uranus in your 7th house of partnerships for the rest of March and beginning of April. This is quite a spicy combination of planets, and the passion you desire will be yours with or without the love potion you’ve been brewing. You may feel like the moon is too full in Libra on March 27, and we all forgive you if you have to act like a total drama-queen. Having the full moon in your sign puts your personal issues under the cosmic microscope, and this can reveal undesirable truths. If you feel overwhelmed, sit down with a trusted friend and share all your feelings. Ashwaghanda and St. John’s Wort are two natural mood enhancers you may want to start taking now in order to stay positive at the end of the month.


Before Pluto was discovered in 1930, Scorpio was ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression, passion, sports, and sex. You can still consider yourself partially Martian, and your energy levels are innately connected with the rhythms of Mars moving through the Zodiac. For the past month, Mars has been in Pisces leaving you spaced out and soggy. You were lost in a beautiful daydream, but your will to create was practically non-existent. Mars moves in to Aries tomorrow, March 12, totally reinvigorating your will to live. For the next 30 days you are going to be on fire, with so much adrenal energy that you can accomplish pretty much anything you desire. Delve in to your backlog of ideas and begin to take action. I recommend renewing your gym membership ASAP because the physical stamina you will have until April 22 is Olympic quality. Your energy might seem boundless, but ration it so you don’t burn out. A line-up of planets in your 6th house of work & routines means that your schedule will be completely booked for the rest of March and beginning of April. You might have to work overnight around the full moon of March 27, but hard work will lead to cosmic rewards.


You’ve been keeping things pretty mellow for the past few weeks. I hesitate to associate the phrase “homebody” and “Sagittarius” in the same sentence, but I think it accurately describes the way you’ve been feeling, even if it’s a little bit embarrassing to admit. Don’t worry, because Mars shifts in to Aries tomorrow, March 12, and your energy levels are about to skyrocket. This shift will unlock creative blockage, invite exciting new romance into your life, and create the potential for exciting and inspirational travel. It’s highly likely you will find all three in the same experience. I don’t imagine you’ll be jetting off tomorrow, because there is still work to do at home for the next few days. Mercury moves out of retrograde on March 17, and this will alleviate the cosmic confusion you’ve been feeling about your living situation. Venus joins Mars in Aries on March 21, and this is truly the day that your lucky star falls to earth.


Mercury’s retrograde has you totally tongue tied, but the new moon today, March 11, will unravel confusing miscommunications in a major way. This week will be all about solving the baffling situations that have been bothering you. Spend the remainder of March focused on matters at home, it will be rewarding to take a momentary break from the big, bad, confusing universe. Spend time with your room-mates, close friends, and pets because they miss you. Get yourself cozy by starting home improvement projects and begin your spring cleaning early. Focusing on home now will get you ready for the powerful full moon in Libra on March 27 that will require all of your focus in the professional sector. Be cautious and don’t become over-confident, but get yourself prepared for cosmic career shifts around the full moon.


If you’re looking for ways to increase your cash-flow, the new moon in Pisces today, March 11, could inspire a psychedelic scheme that makes you rich on the material and the spiritual plane. Pay attention to inspiration you have this week, because it will come at unexpected times. The universe loves you, and your talents need to be shared and admired. Mars shifts in to Aries tomorrow, March 12, and this will be the impetus you need to push projects off the ground. The retrograde has certainly been an impediment to progress, but it will end on March 17. The end of March and beginning of April will literally fly by, stay on track and you will launch into the next dimension of your life. The full moon in Libra on March 27 might create confusion for a day or two, but it will be an educational experience. The full moon will make you consider going back to school or taking courses on a particular subject. Your mind wants to expand, and you need to nourish it with new information.


Astrology Morgan Rehbock
Photography Christelle de Castro
Graphic design Romina Cenisio
Styling  Morgan Rehbock & Romina Cenisio
Aquarius Irina Cocimirov


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