DIS Image Studio

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Open now at The Suzanne Geiss Company, DIS Image Studio is the center of production for DIS Images – a serial project focused on manipulating the codes and trends in stock and photography. DIS has invited a select group of artists and photographers to participate in what is to become an assembly line of image-making.

The studio will be a platform for a revolving door of collaborators, fostering the production and dissemination of new work for DISimages.com – a fully functioning stock photography website.

February 2nd-February 24th
Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6PM
The Suzanne Geiss Company
76 Grand Street
New York New York

02/02 – DIS / Ian Cheng
02/03 – DIS / Ian Cheng
02/06 – Dora Budor
02/07 – Frank Benson
02/08 – Maja Cule
02/09 – DIS
02/10 – DIS
02/12 – Harry Griffin
02/13 – Max Farago
02/14 – Anicka Yi & Jordan Lord
02/15 – Josh Kline
02/16 – Jogging
02/17 – DIS
02/19 – Francis Carlow & Hee Jin Kang
02/20 – Alistair Matthews
02/21 – Boru O’Brien O’Connell
02/22 – Xavier Cha
02/23 – DIS
02/24 – Luis Gispert

Artists who will be working remotely include:
Andrew Norman Wilson, Anne de Vries, Bea Fremderman, Takashi Muraki, Timur Si Qin, Shawn Maximo, Bryan Dooley, Katja Novitskova, Ryan Trecartin/Lizzie Fitch with Rhett LaRue, Magali Reus

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