Eclipse at Calypso

Who knew that camel is not only Khaki’s sophisticated cousin but the color of Saturn, signifying authority, and enhancing career and success? For those seeking to activate Chi in a specific sector of their star chart, astrology guru Susan Miller has curated a collection of cashmere for Calypso in 13 colorways connected with the planets that are guaranteed to update one’s energy. Say you need to feel more assertive and energetic? Choose cayenne the color of Mars and you’ll get an instant boost!

“When you wear your chosen color sweater,” Miller says, “You will be making a statement about your goal and your determination to follow through all the way to a successful conclusion.”

Susan hosted a lovely launch party with a DJ set by her daughter Chrissie Miller on Tuesday November 13th, which, coincidentally was the evening of a New Moon eclipse in Scorpio. Truly an auspicious day to launch a new project, and certainly a sign that we will see more of Susan’s cosmic influence in the world of fashion. This particular New Moon had exceptional aspects to help us manifest our dreams and revamp our reality- the perfect day to launch a collection that is not only cute, but also empowering.

Here’s a list of all the Planets and the signs they rule, check out Susan’s collection at Calypso to find out what color you need!

Sun- Leo
Moon- Cancer
Venus- Libra & Taurus
Mercury- Gemini & Virgo
Mars- Aries
Jupiter- Sagittarius
Saturn- Capricorn
Neptune- Pisces
Uranus- Aquarius
Pluto- Scorpio

Morgan Rehbock with Susan Miller

Morgan Rehbock with Susan Miller

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