This Town Deserves a Better Class of Criminals

This Saturday, 9/22, Paris’ NEW GALERIE opens their US transplant, aptly titled, NEW YORK GALLERY. It’s not just the NY branch, but a space where “project formats and event temporality are flexible.” As opposed to their Paris space, no artists will be represented, instead they are expanding their open approach to collaboration.

The [inaugural] exhibition focuses on new approaches to documentation and dissemination – often linked in practice by formats known as social media — that allow us to rethink the status and role of the exhibition. The exhibition brings together actors, practices, and objects coming from different backgrounds (fashion, video games, special effects and visual arts). The center of gravity remains contemporary art. It is about proposing an «expanded» way of reading in the gallery. Between actors from the same medium or cutting across the media, participation and collaboration define fields of reception specific to each work. It can go from the pop up store to the documentation of an unboxing, from the single digital object to a movie trailer, from the advertisement video to charity wear.

Keller/Kosmas (Aids-3D), Bertrand Planes, David Moquay, Unmask Group, Artie Vierkant, We Are The Painters, TELFAR CLEMENS in collaboration with Lizzie Fitch and Nick Rodrigues, and TELFAR CLEMENS in collaboration with Ryan Trecartin.

Film Center Building / 630, 9th Avenue (btwn 44 and 45 St) / Suite 308
September 22 – November 10
Opening Reception September 22, 6-9 pm

David Moquay

Bertrand Planes

Artie Vierkant

TELFAR in collaboration with Ryan Trecartin

Unmask Group

TELFAR in collaboration with Lizzie Fitch and Nick Rodrigues

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