Sculpture in the Expanding Web

Pomegranate-stained runner’s cap worn at wine-tasting, 2012

Jogging was founded by Lauren Christiansen, Tyrone Chang and Brad Troemel in 2008. The blog initially featured a daily flow of readymades sourced from left over art scraps at the gallery the members lived in together. After images were taken of the sculptures they would be discarded or re-used, leaving only a digital photograph behind. In 2009 the blog cut out the majority of its physical production, instead favoring Google Image Searches which could be photoshopped together. These digital propositions were given titles, dates, and mediums, allowing them the sort of validity afforded to installation images. Today Jogging features work by Andreas and Andreas and Aaron and Artie and Brad and Chris and Israel and Jesse and Justin and Kate and Lauren and Spencer, as well as weekly contributions by guest posters. Email:

Tortillas in File Folder, 2012

Stress Test, 2012

BUSHWICK tap water in an ODWALLA superfood (What’s in those artists water% This) Also there’s a LIVESTRONG bracelet inside the water bottle, 2012

Balancing Act (Chrome), 2012

Garnier Nutri Gro-Light Planting System (Parsley), 2012

Blu Period 2: Seaside Heights, 2012

DORITOSLOCOS taco MASTER LOCKED shut (Key Sold Separately) Highly Unique, 2012


Cargo pockets attached to wall with duct tape, 2012

Batteries frozen in Powerade, 2012

dean & deluca low calorie snack inside Marlboro box w/ Cerebral Palsy Tissue/Organ Kidney Cancer Green Ribbon Glittery Sticker (Ethical) 1/2, 2012

framed WHOLE FOODS aqua bath salts and an ANTI Mtv pin from Hot Topic (Punk Decor for Unruly Step Children) Unique 1/1 (5 x 7.5 inches), 2012


DIS Magazine logo, small