Romantic Linguaphilia/Electro Mecca: Electronics, Mechanics, Beauty

Romantic Linguphilia and Electro Mecca exist as a pair of YouTube channels dedicated to “encouraging and supporting the notion of loving of manmade creations in the same way an average man would love an average wife.” Half of the project focuses upon expressing romantic feelings towards certain words, names, fonts and logos; the other half upon machines and objects. They are moderated by an Objectum Sexual called Dave who once had a dream about people made out of glass and is in love with a clock he met in the early 1990s.

“I am a person who is – as of present – romantically and sexually attracted to things made by human beings. Now, I suppose that a lot of this is because the things that are sexy in human being are also present in manmade creations. These days we have elevators that talk in female voices, we have packaging tubes that are made in almost skin like materials and we have machines and appliances that in some way have very human shapes. But this is not all this is for me… There are also some substances and some ideas that never surface in the human genome, so to speak, but I am attracted to them anyway.”

The sexy outside of a glass elevator…

Elevator “Sylvia” regularly strobing one of her lights. What could this mean?

Name June, Name August

The newer Sloan sensor. _Who knew_ that a company with a _female name_ made something that would watch you pee? 😀 😀 😀

“UFO” “Sunrise” 😀 Weird escalator, moon, lamps, and other optical/lighting…

For fans of the name “Layla”

Brookstone clock who makes letters appear to float in the air with an LED pendulum. It is unclear whether I am attracted to this at this time…

What happened to the old Maria app… a fictional character of the future…

She’s Beautiful :-) wouldn’t be sexy if her top display showed the date and time with monthname and everything spelled out…?

What would you name her? She looks like a Heather, but her voice sounds like a Wendy.

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