Easy Listening: World Wide Gallery Traxx 2012

Audio material for the following remixes was collected via a telephone call survey with around 100 ‘white cube’ galleries worldwide. The survey asked about characteristics of art gallery interiors, from tones of white paint used for the walls, to material used for the flooring. Recordings were then turned into 9 songs, given titles, and sent to 9 artists to be remixed into pop songs.

1. Intro, Brenmar
2. Pretty White, M.E.S.H.
3. Best Time I Never Had, Craxxxmurf
4. Coming Down, DjuDju
5. Light Games, Pictureplane
6. Don’t Have to Call Me, Asa Cossaboom
7. Speechless, Slava
8. Paintin’, @LILINTERNET
9. When You’re Gone / Outro, o F F Love


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