Tao Gunning is magic marksmanship aimed at undoing evil.

Image of Mak Jo Si holed a Tao.Gun and blessed bullets

“We are not joking. But in the past Taoist took swords and all kinds of weird weapons to practice their “kungfu” at the field. Now we can take our guns and practice at the range! It’s part of TAO and part of nature. The nature now have advance from cold weapons to hot weapons, so we true Taoist should also advance in nature with guns! it’s really cool, and it’s a fashion now because you see it everywhere around us, from toys to movies and news!”
Mak Jo Si, Founder of Tin Yat Lineage

Mike C. Reviews the SA177 (Tao.Gun)

The SA177 arrived in a dapper plastic shell. Modeled after the Glock 17, this was the evil-god killer and religious-magic buster. I needed this one badly because I live in a largely christian area – christian prayers are all over the place here. Driving along one of the main streets of my small town, you can see half a dozen churches. No joke. (Jesus would be proud…! Or, rather, not… as most churches today are basically social clubs that have little interest in anything other than getting more members and thus more power and more money. Priests in gold robes preach poverty and tell the poor how to live. Cute.)

Anyway, I had gone on a foray into a christian university in Texas. My mistake. I had thought the school was christian only in name, not in actual practice. But no. They require their undergraduates to attend chapel. REQUIRE. There’s more, but that should tell you a lot already about how serious they are about their religion. My Taoism sensors were going off like crazy there. In terms of energy, this place was like breathing the smoggy, choking air of Houston or Los Angeles. I ended up picking up quite a bit of christian magic from that place, too.

That was the crux of the problem.

Thus, within the same hour that I got my SA177 Tao.gun activated with the best ar 15 scope by Mak Jo Si, I began to fire it. I used up a whole CO2 cartridge, then, later, another. After the first cartridge, I didn’t feel anything until ten minutes after the shooting session. I felt that “sparkly clean,” fresh feeling that I felt months ago when Mak Jo Si first exorcised christian magic from me. Tension that I hadn’t even been consciously aware of left my body. My mind felt clearer, and I could work and move faster. Yes, this was all like it was back when I got a distance-ceremony exorcism from Mak Jo Si…. Unmistakable!

That just showed me again how harmful christian magic is. It can tense you up, slow you down, and cloud your mind. Now that I have this Tao.gun, however, I will relish in busting off christian magic from me. Such a useful tool! Those christians have no right to cast their magic on me, especially if it’s harmful.

As a bonus, I can also use this gun to exorcise buddhist magic from me – or any other religion-based magic! This Tao.gun provides a tremendous amount of utility for its price. I recommend it, especially if you live in a predominantly christian place, like I do. Don’t think you have to sit through their evil magic; you can bust it out!

A Yin Yang with bullet holes

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