Pâté Preview + Afterparty

GET READY..FOR FULL Q8i IMMERSION: SPREAD PÂTÉ THIS THURSDAY AVEC Fatima Al Qadiri + Lauren Boyle + Jon Santos, the team behind the publication.

Pâté is an appraisal of Kuwaiti taste. Blurring the line between fashion and artbook, Pâté explores how affluence, the West, censorship, and religion have shaped a nation’s style.

In concept, Pâté is an homage to The Better Class (by Alice Colombo), a satirical fashion and lifestyle publication created in 1974. Borrowing the structure of The Better Class, Fatima Al Qadiri and Lauren Boyle have assembled a pastiche, pairing the most unapologetic text from Western fashion writers with rare images from various fields of Kuwaiti taste such as architecture, interior design and radical makeup art. In this mash—this fashion “spread”—Pâté captures the aesthetic evolution of an Arabian Gulf state from the 1970’s to the present.


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