Do you hear in colors or see sounds?
I wish! Maybe in 5-10 years?

How does the mainstream inform your work?
I think its really impossible to define a mainstream at this point, the mainstream is your personal friendfeed, and whatever 3 websites you read/link to regularly. It’s easier than ever to live in your own fantasy version of reality and ignore whatever you want to.

If earth were to be deemed uninhabitable where would you want to move?
I would first camp out in one of the L5 space stations in permanent orbit around the earth, from there I’d send plans for a self-replicating space probe to a low-gravity autofab on the moon, I’ll download my brain into ai framenet of the self-replicating brainprobe, and slowly convert all the mass in the universe into backup copies of the brainprobe.

If you had a cult what would your belief system be based on?
Some beliefs which would explain and justify why we need to be building all these brainprobes.

What does 12/21/2012 mean to u?
Kiefer Sutherland’s 46th Birthday Party!

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