Artist, Comic, Cult Leader: DISmiss Presents Casey Jane Ellison


“If the Internet is over, how did I just tweet?” Photo Matthew Lawton

Even if you tried to be Casey Jane Ellison, you couldn’t. She’s operating on another level, and that’s why she’s this week’s DISmiss.

Casey Jane Ellison, aka Your Girl Case Case, is the only known comedian to reinvent herself into an avatar and launch her own cult, and that’s just the last few months of this It Girl’s career. Ellison has proved she was born camera-ready as star of the VFILES original hit series What the F*shion, and most recently, host of Ovation’s Touching the Art, a new web talk show where Ellison and her all-female panelists (“Is that an issue? Because we only have women on this show.”) discuss the art world’s least favorite subject: art.

Brilliantly written and delivered, Casey’s characteristically blunt questioning calls to mind a younger, slightly more offensive/goth version of Barbara Walters. Like, bye.

Watch Episode 2, premiered exclusively on DIS, and read our zippy Q+A where Casey dishes advice to those struggling to be funny and chill.

Anna Soldner: Seems like you have a million cool projects going at once. How do you do it?
Casey Jane Ellison:
No one will hire me.

AS: Do you see gender dynamics in the art world evolving in the near future?
Evolving into what?

AS: You once said, “My work is about life, equality, ruin, genderlessness, prettiness, societal ills, being chill, group sex.” Figuring you were raised in LA, how do you be chill?
Don’t force it. In many ways, Being Chill is predestined. I’m being honest, most of you will not get there.

AS: What’s your advice to people struggling to be funny?
Set your relics on fire and run away from your past as fast as you can. Regret is good.

AS: You recently launched your own cult. How’s that going?
My cult members got away in the fire I set while struggling to be funny, but shirt sales are fantastic! BUY CASEY TODAY!

AS: What would be in the Casey Jane Ellison pressed juice?

AS: What are the best and worst things about being an It Girl?
Being seen and not being seen.

AS: ___ is the new ___.
Nothing is the Anything. But I love Orange is the New Black so much!

AS: Who’s your dream 7 minutes in heaven?
Optimus Prime. Or Ciara.

AS: What are you currently obsessed with?
Face Math.

AS: Tell us something about you people wouldn’t expect.
I look beautiful in baby pink.


Death by smize. Photo Matthew Lawton

AS: Now we’re going to play a game called “What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between…

Truth and sincerity?

LA sisterhooding and NYC sisterhooding?

Good crazy and bad crazy?

You at night vs You in the morning?
I don’t eat dairy after dark.

Art and life?

Haters and fans?
Haters make it ‘real.’

Someone who’s vegan and ‘someone who’s vegan’?

AS: Where is Casey Jane Ellison going?
Mountain top and then home.

#FF Casey:

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