buy it. live it. luv it: ebaE

After nine months of loungecore-ing in her elastic maxi dress, Net-A-Porter and her ex-husband have finally given birth—and it’s a bae! Welcome to the world of ebaE, poster child for generation DGAF and global e-commerce platform for all your lifestyle needs. Start trying to make fetch happen in Issue 1 by copping Regina George x Abercrombie polos, hand-painted Louboutins and emoji-embroidered baseball caps. Shop the full look at and remember: buy it.luv it. Life Hackers… [read more »]


LUAR ZEPOL It was the Machines vs Zion at Luar Zepol. Binary coding and Cyber Punk bangs were the offspawn of a Matriculated collection, complete with denim dojo pants and electro-masks. The Path of Neo – Part 4? SIKI IM Wondering whether it’s romanticised visions of the Gulag, or watching the entire series of Orange Is The New Black in one sitting was inspiration for Siki Im‘s “HOT PRISONER” SS14 collection? Shower shoes and crisp… [read more »]

Ann-Sofie is BACK!

Ann-Sofie Back is making her SS14 a rubbery, orange reason to bust pleats, bring back the neckerchief and utilise the *SAD GIRL* blue (under)eyeshadow. Dark denim fringing is the shout, and all the labels go round the outside, playing on Fuccboi-ism with exaggerated beanies. She has interpreted culture via an aesthetic that uses tomboy-ism (very different to masculinity) to flatter a woman.

American Intrigue | A PDF of the Arts

American Intrigue introduced a thought-inducing PDF of the arts for the smartphone. Edited by Adam Humphreys, the literary journal radiates around contribution from poets, film makers, artists and anon twitter accounts.

White Crane Spread Wings | Grainne Quinlan

White Crane Spread Wings is a visual essay by Grainne Quinlan, a Hong Kong-based photographer who studied the movements of HK senior citizens, going about their morning routine of Tai Chi in the cities designated areas for the exercise. Positions are amplified and patience is truly appreciated via her images, that grasp the skill and mindset of the enthusiasts, whose morning Tai Chi is just as important to them as breakfast or a New Yorker’s… [read more »]

Starred | LA DRUGS

Stoned muppets in the back of a limo is happening. The afterparty to Muppet Treasure Island‘s release was probably spent trying to dodge Miss Piggy’s blunt from marking your charcoal Helmut Lang overcoat, so consider 2013 the year of the puppet’s return thanks to Starred‘s new music video for ‘LA Drugs‘. Directed by Focus Creeps, who created video without the band’s knowledge, as well as creating the puppets with Natasha Newman Thomas and Patrik Sandberg,… [read more »]

Japan Trend Shop

Welcome to JapanTrendShop, home of ultra-shopping for cosmetics and practical beauty solutions. Get ready to have your face shaped, armpit hair styled and skin de-wrinkled to reveal your truest self! Enter, you. FaceTime Ever wondered why your face feels empty? Does all that bare flesh need an add-on, something to excite bedtimes, bathtimes and beyond? is here to supply you and your eternal happiness with affordable, chic solutions to your cosmetic woes. For those… [read more »]

Placebo | Too Many Friends | Unfortunate Details by Bret Easton Ellis

Augment This: Gummy bears, Google glasses, coke and several beautiful teenagers equate to the new video for Placebo‘s Too Many Friends, directed by veteran HD-ophile Saman Kesh, and narrated by author Bret Easton Ellis, whose typing finds it’s way into dryly humorous annotations throughout the video. Ellis’ gravitation towards L.A. aesthetic, whether it be racing past coyotes on Mulholland with a 1980’s Blair riding shotgun, or a neo-private school clubhouse 30 years later on the… [read more »]

Alexis Penney | Your Eyes

When it’s 3.30am and you’re on the verge of being kicked out from whichever club you’re trying not to throw up in, you just need a joyous, ass-bopping track to accompany the “outtamyway” hand motions you’re giving to the fuglies you really don’t want to leave with. ‘Your Eyes’ is for when you’ve spotted that hunk and you’re gonna make him yours. I wanna get to know ya.

#MontenegroStyle : E!xclusive

“Shiloh, we feel, has Montenegro style.” – Angelina Jolie, August 2010 for Vanity Fair. The origin of the at-first bizarre comment about the Jolie-Pitt heiress’ dress sense, comes from the Kanun tradition of the youngest daughter of an Albanian family taking over the role as heir to the land, if the family weren’t to be “blessed” with a son. She would have to denounce her sex life, and perform all traditionally masculine duties for her… [read more »]

Twigs – Water Me

The new music video from DIS favourites #Arca and #Twigs for ‘Water Me’. Now trending: CG tears and anime eyes! 1st August, 2013.