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Fitness guru Susan Powter sets the record straight on lentil soup and traveling.

Hot on the burnt heels of last week’s disemboweling mix from SALEM, we present you this week’s epic teen angst mix from kinderstalker, “indigochild“. SOME BACKGROUND IS CRUCIAL: indigochild is SALEM’s 15-year-old #1 superfan. He currently resides in rural Wisconsin. The product of a wholesome Christian home, he is prohibited from listening to the deathly, Satanic groan of SALEM by his parents, and thusly blasts them only when they’re out of the house. Thanks to… [read more »]

Styles and Customs in the Twenty-Teens

The last decade, which shall be referred to henceforth as “the zeroes”, saw such phenomena emerge as social networking web realities, every model as a “supermodel” regardless of impact, and a violent tabloid culture. There were innumerable sociological changes and an equal amount of non-events, but those are fodder for another article—one you can be sure you won’t see on this website. Our eyes look toward the future, through the “tweens” (at present) and beyond: to the “teens”!

Built by Dade Elderon of PartyEffects.biz.

We are ecstatic to exclusively debut the new mixtape from Pictureplane here on DIS Magazine, featuring artwork by Space Slave Trade. Beginning with a hi-NRG grime trance dirge and winding down into a decidedly more gothic atmosphere, the aptly titled megamix is a perfect prequel to this Monday…

Fast to Black Latex

Sizzle in silk charmeuse, cinch your stomach in with a sexi corset, or be simply alluring in a little lace leotard. Whatever your pleasure–or poison–we propose male lingerie this spring. Today in New York City it’s a sweltering 80°F, a steamy start to summer weather, where whispers of seduction lurk around every corner. Throw on your corporate-casual costuming with a dirty secret underneath.

“If photos of my nipples give a little smile to others, that is my duty. In exchange, I get to enjoy the luxuries of being an actress.”– Bai Ling

This past Sunday, I teamed up with artist Grant Singer for a new weekly party in NYC, called Synthia. It was a real creep show and we’re hoping to duplicate the surreal headtrip again when we officially launch the party on Monday, April 12th at Su Casa on 6th Avenue @ 8th Street (with parties to follow every Monday thereafter). Named in honor of the first 100% man-made synthetic organisms currently in development by the… [read more »]

Video by Leilah Weinraub. Stay tuned.

America’s #1 pop star is putting out his first major label single called “Round and Round” on April 26th as a limited edition 7″ and download single. THE 1ST SONG OF SUMMER. FINALE.

You might have noticed our predilection toward / fascination with DENIM. Being the most popular consumer textile on the globe, we find it has some fascination to it. If you’re interested in learning about our patented De(ni)mographics research, check out Scott Hug’s insightful data analysis here. For ways to wear denim in order to submerge yourself seamlessly into one of three ’90s subcultures, click here. Finally, to see our take on the nostalgic and time-honored… [read more »]