Time to get ready for balmier days ahead, I invite you to embrace your unbridled passion for minimal, minimized, libidinous men’s underwear, and bug out on these bulges from Inderwear.



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Don’t leave home without a Hip Shrug!

Imagine the feeling of a warm hug around your hips. This spring there’s only one must-have accessory… so keep it rolling! Ninette Terhart is a fashion and fitness guru, and the inventor of the Hip Shrug. Her mission: empowering women all around the world one set of hips at a time. Buy a Hip Shrug today at Special thanks to Arielle Delfino for the tip!

I’m in love, his name, Daniel Swan

Well as some of you may remember, I fell deeply in love once, her name, Wendy Vainity. Who could come close to this video artist’s particular brand of genius? No one that’s who,*sigh*. Until now! Yes, I am I love once again ladies and gentleman. Prepare yourselves for the onslaught of relentless visual pleasure that is the work of Daniel Swan! Behold!

For You… And You

RAVE 1 by Karole Armitage. Costumes by Peter Speliopoulos. Music by David Shea Karole Armitage’s “RAVE 1” was filmed for television for the European channel Art in 2001. Well what do we have here? Spiritual, transcendental beauty, that is at once dated and hyper advanced. Armitage fuses Rave elements, vogue movements, capoeira, ballet, modern, jazz, body paint, oh it’s all in there! If only Avatar had referenced this little gem during it’s musical number’s, one… [read more »]

Melissa’s Picks:  WENDY VAINITY

48 year old Adelaide, Austrailia based Wendy Vainity is the newest discovery in the 3D animation circuit. Wendy is a “cat lover/ try hard gardener/ port adelaide power supporter/ freeware addict.” Don’t miss these genius concoctions including “Underarm Hair,” “Viral Vacuum,” “nighty frighty whosa bretty boi,” and Wendy’s very special “Christmas Card Attempt.” Enjoy! ♥ Melissa!