MUST SEE: Ed Atkins, Us Dead Talk Love

If you’re in London we recommend passing by the Chisenhale Gallery to see the latest work by Ed Atkins on view through November 11th. Ed Atkins, Us Dead Talk Love Chisenhale Gallery 64 Chisenhale Road London E3 5QZ September 21 – November 11, 2012

Next-Level Spleen by John Kelsey

FOR MOST ARTISTS TODAY, the laptop and phone have already supplanted the studio as primary sites of production. Early signs of this shift were evident in what became known as relational aesthetics, which, in retrospect, seems wrongly defined as a practice in which communal experience became the medium. It is more properly understood, rather, as a capitalist-realist adaptation of art to the experience economy, obviously, but also to the new productive imperative to go mobile,… [read more »]

DISability: Foot Work
Sculpture in the Expanding Web

Jogging was founded by Lauren Christiansen, Tyrone Chang and Brad Troemel in 2008. The blog initially featured a daily flow of readymades sourced from left over art scraps at the gallery the members lived in together. After images were taken of the sculptures they would be discarded or re-used, leaving only a digital photograph behind. In 2009 the blog cut out the majority of its physical production, instead favoring Google Image Searches which could be… [read more »]


Following the arrest of Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm we thought that it was time to bring back Annika Larsson‘s 2006 video, Pirate. The video was filmed 1st of May 2006 in Stockholm Sweden during a demonstration by the swedish anti-copyright movements (Piratbyrån and Piratpartiet). Filmed and edited by Annika Larsson. Sound by Tobias Bernstrup and Annika Larsson.

“Why ♥ Means U For Me” Music Video Premiere

Juani VN is an Uruguayan pop sensation. As a young child Juani VN took singing lessons in his hometown Santa Isabel, by age eight he was playing the synthesizer and by sixteen was using a sequencer. His father is a musician and he was raised a practitioner of the ancient egyptian religion. His favorite singers are Britney Spears, Anne G, t.AT.u and Cascada. His favorite movie is Herbie Fully Loaded and his favorite dish is… [read more »]

»Girl Morph«

Girl Morph, 2012 by Guthrie Lonergan

Sabine Reitmaier Photography

Artist Sabine Reitmaier has been shooting the covers of Psychologie Heute Magazine since 2003.

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

Pornography occupies an interesting position in the performative domain of cultural symbols, discourses, and archetypes; furthermore, the medium in which pornography is presented, either in video format or literary publications, structures what is being presented within a specific relational position (in relation to the viewer; i.e. the passive act of sitting in front of the medium and not interacting with the object in a tangible way) as to affect the desire of the viewer as… [read more »]

Sports Illustrated.
School of Global Art

Enroll here: School of Global Art (Birmingham) Heath Mill Studios, Sun 1st Apr: 2pm – 4pm School of Global Art (London), ICA, Mon 2nd Apr: 6pm – 9pm Or online here: School of Global Art from LuckyPDF TV on Vimeo.

.gifs from 1999 by Nicolas Fernández

In 1999 Nicolas Fernández began to include the new digital media in his output; the web sites You_Left (1999) and Father_Nature (2000) offer viewers a walk of endless possibilities through mazelike sound spaces that are scattered with texts. Father_Nature brings together, amongst a range of images, photos from dif­ferent internet porn sites and paramilitary hunting clubs. They show nude female bodies posed in natural settings. The artist’s gesture alters the very texture of the images;… [read more »]

Harun Farocki Ein Bild/An Image 1983

Harun Farocki: Four days spent in a studio working on a centerfold photo for Playboy magazine provided the subject matter for my film. The magazine itself deals with culture, cars, a certain lifestyle. Maybe all those trappings are only there to cover up the naked woman. Maybe it’s like with a paper-doll. The naked woman in the middle is a sun around which a system revolves: of culture, of business, of living! (It’s impossible to… [read more »]

North Korean Hair Styles
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea I
Raw/Cooked: Lan Tuazon at the Brooklyn Museum

September 1, 2011: The second exhibition in the Raw/Cooked series presents Bushwick-based artist Lan Tuazon, whose project will be on view November 4, 2011, through January 15, 2012, at the Brooklyn Museum. Raw/Cooked is a major series of five ten-week-long exhibitions of under-the-radar Brooklyn artists. The series is sponsored by Bloomberg. Tuazon’s practice addresses the order and placement of objects within architectural environments. In Raw/Cooked, she will create a site-specific monument composed of empty display… [read more »]

ACTIONS AT HOME by Bestué-Vives

Arts & Labor Working Group

This message is intended to serve as an introduction and invitation. Arts & Labor is a working group founded in conjunction with the New York General Assembly for #occupywallstreet. We are artists and interns, writers and educators, art handlers and designers, administrators, curators, assistants, and students. We are all art workers and members of the 99%. Arts & Labor is dedicated to exposing and rectifying economic inequalities and exploitative working conditions in our fields through… [read more »]


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