Critical Hand Gestures

                                          #RepeatedMinuteAcademicGesturing is not a popular hashtag. I checked on Twitter and there are no results. And when there aren’t hashtags for something, it is hard to say that it really exists. If a tree falls and no one is there to Vine their reaction… But how do you hashtag the wind? Or a gesture,… [read more »]

Am I a Belieber (IN MYSELF)?

Okay so I meant no disrespect with the mouse, it was just a friend and no disrespect to mouses or anything.  I’ve been doing a lot more visual stuff lately, because I recently have been going through a very difficult break up and I needed to share this feeling with my homie. So in order to commence my moving on, and pulling myself up, I expressed myself through a tattoo. The press sees the tattoo… [read more »]